Is ceramic coating better than applying car wax?

Many car owners may feel that unexplainable satisfaction whenever they see their ride shining so fine after a good wash. Some even take time to apply wax or allot some budget for ceramic coating. While both car care methods give your car that extra luster and protection, which among the two is better? Many say that ceramic coating is more commendable than your average car wax but is it really true? Let’s find out.

What is a car wax

Car wax is used by those who prefer the DIY method. It could either be a natural or synthetic product that is designed that provides a thin layer of protection on your car’s paint along with enhancing its depth and shine. Notably, some car waxes nowadays even utilize synthetic resins and polymers to serve as hardeners and shine-enhancing elements. There are a lot of brands to choose from such as 3M, Turtle Wax, Meguire’s, and many more. 


  • You can do it at home
  • No need for professional assistance
  • Masks minor imperfections
  • Fairly inexpensive 


  • You need to invest some of your time and energy as you do this at home.
  • Takes time to apply correctly.
  • Its protective layer doesn’t last that long.
  • Protection is also thinner compared to ceramic coating.
How often should wax be applied to your car?

We advise you to have your car waxed at least once a month to keep its shine and to maintain a protective layer at all times. Aside from giving it a more lively gloss, applying car wax usually shields its paint from the sun’s UV rays. Other than that, your paint is also protected from scratches caused by dust and other elements.

What is ceramic coating?

Ceramic coating is applied on the exterior of your vehicle. It’s a chemical polymer solution that protects its paint job from possible damage. It initially gained popularity among many car owners, in fact, the majority of those who buy a new vehicle immediately go to a trusted shop to have it ceramic coated for better protection and to maintain its showroom shine for a longer period of time. It is typically done by hand as the additional hydrophobic layer of protection blends with the paint of your car. 


  • Its protective layer lasts longer than your average car wax
  • Chemical stain prevention
  • Your car will be easier to clean
  • No need to waste your energy, as professionals will be doing the work for you
  • Can last up to 5 years with proper maintenance 


  • It’s more expensive
  • Applying ceramic coating also takes some time. In fact, this paint protection method can take up to 24 hours to fully cure
  • You cannot do it yourself, instead, look for an experienced professional to do the work for you
  • If there are scratches, ceramic coatings will not remove or hide them
How often should ceramic coating be applied to your car?

Unlike your average car wax, ceramic coating usually lasts longer. In most cases, detailing shops usually recommend reapplying the coating in some shape or form every 2 to 3 months for optimal results. That said, it’s just a matter of properly maintaining the ceramic coating applied to your car. By doing that, the protective layer should last for 2 to 5 years.

So is ceramic coating better than applying car wax?

In the long run, having your car ceramic coated will allow you to save money and energy when compared to waxing your car on a monthly basis. That said, we highly suggest that you invest in this kind of paint protection as soon as your brand new car rolls out of the showroom. Aside from having that sparkly look, its thinner protective layer shall better protect your car from chemical stains and other possible paint damage. Truly, that extra cost will keep your car looking good as new even as months pass by. 

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