5 types of car sales agents buyers hate

Good sales agents will lean in to listen and act to address your needs in a polite and swift manner. However, there are some agents and some practices out there that consumers are not too fond of. We know that buying a car can be a tedious task and finding the right agent for you with the best deal and the most pleasing of personalities can be a challenge, that’s why whenever you buy a car through AutoDeal, someone capable is on the other end. 

However, what are the personalities and bad habits you will encounter? We’ve had a bit of a think and compiled a list of 5 “bad” sales agent stereotypes and corresponding practices that you may encounter as a consumer or as a business owner. Please note that this is not a specific list, we’ve based this list on agent reviews, personal accounts, and stories shared with us over the years. That being said, let’s get into the list. 

Pushy Sales Agents

Aggressive is the key adjective when describing the Pusher. This particular stereotype is quick to reply and eager to serve but is perhaps a bit too eager. The Pusher likes following up on a lead, and will either call you without sending a message first or constantly ask you if you will push through with your purchase or not. He might often fail to read the room and make advances that aren’t welcome such as calling you during off-hours. 

Naturally, a pushy sales agent will repeatedly ring you up, take time out of your day to explain the newest promo and model, and offer you a product that you don’t really need. His sales pitch is rehearsed to a tee, and he’s got you locked in his sights. If you say that you will think it over, he will take that as a point of entry and ring you up to sway you into making a purchase. To deal with this kind of agent, it will be best to stand your ground and give a firm yet polite reply. This type of agent is tiring to deal with and is more stressful than helpful. 

Sales agents that don't reply

Now onto the polar opposite of The Pusher. The Ghost might not even bother giving you a call or reply. The customer may ask for a quote or a reservation, but this agent might forget to send a reply in kind or might be too busy dealing with other matters in the afterlife—so to speak. While it may be a little extreme, asking for a reply from this kind of agent is like contacting a spirit via an ouija board—tedious. 

The same goes for in-dealer agents. You may walk into an establishment, ask for assistance, and find yourself alone or without an aide to assist you. An agent like this can be a bit infuriating because it makes a client feel insignificant. Either that or talking to someone that disappears off the face of the earth frightens you. Either way, to deal with a ghost, the best advice that we can give you is to move on—this advice applies to more scenarios than you think. 

Stingy Sales Agents

Described as stingy, the Old Scrooge will be adamant to give you a good deal right off the bat or forget to mention a few of the other things that come with the car. The negotiation process is long as it is, but this kind of agent might not be so generous with his discounts and freebies or may be forgetful with what he or she can offer. He or she may not even be that old. 

Either that or this kind of agent forgets to mention the hidden costs like insurance and the registration, which a number of dealerships offer for free anyway. A few things like insurance, registration, or even an umbrella might be omitted from the deal. Whether on purpose or not, to deal with this agent, you need to ask questions constantly. Prepare a checklist of things to ask like registration, insurance, discounts, promos, offers, and other items to sweeten the pot. 

Walking Catalog Sales Agent

The Walking Catalog will be quick to upsell all the time. Buying a car? It will look better with our catalog of accessories? Oh, you want a base model? Consider upgrading to a top-of-the-line unit with all the bells and whistles. Sure a small crossover will get the job done, but is it as grand as our full-size SUV? The walking catalog will be quick to showcase the best items to offer, and he will also be quick to upsell you on the best that the dealer has to offer and not what you need. 

The issue with this is that not every consumer has the budget or desire to get the greatest offering in the lineup. Sure a car with adaptive cruise control is great, but do you really need it? Perhaps the consumer just wants a car that will get him from point A to point B, or something that will meet his budget requirements. Borderline pushy, this kind of agent thinks more of the features more than the price, and your wallet may be a few inches thinner coming out of the transaction. To deal with this kind of agent, make sure to do your research beforehand, know what you want, and then be firm in your decision. A good agent should be able to listen to you and offer you the best that he can give considering all the consumer’s needs and wants. Speaking of listening...

Noisy Sales Agent

Being a good listener is a key to becoming a successful sales agent, however, there are still some of them out there that don’t necessarily listen to your needs and wants as a consumer. As such, this type of agent will blast out all the sales pitches and the features of the product while failing to address a client’s concerns. 

It’s hard to deal with an agent like this. It’s easy to get frustrated because an agent that won’t listen and loves the sound of his or her voice is tiring to deal with. Similar to the pusher, this agent is like an automated hotline. Your input means little to their operation. They might flat-out offer you something you don’t need for a price you cannot afford because your input went in one ear and out the other. Be clear and concise when dealing with an agent like this. Assert your needs and wants going into the deal. Of course, deal with this in a calm and professional manner. 

AutoDeal Agent Finder

According to many of our 5-star reviews, a great sales agent is someone that listens to what a client wants, knows his or her product inside and out, and mastered the system that they work in. A great agent also knows his or her way around the system and will work to give the client a deal that they will be happy with. A great agent is also someone who knows when to make contact and courteously follows up. He or she will also be gracious, and provide a prompt and clear response. That’s why finding the right agent is a challenge. These 5 types are only some of the personalities car buyers will encounter, and going in blind without reviews could be like opening up a box of chocolates—you never know what you’re going to get. 

While it’s perfectly fine to be on the ground and look for an agent yourself, for less hassle, consult our sales agent finder to find the top and leading salespeople in the industry. AutoDeal gives consumers the ability to find the top sales agents as reviewed by verified buyers and users of the AutoDeal platform. Connect to the right agent with AutoDeal. 

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