Toyota Innova Alternatives 2022

The Toyota Innova, ever-present, and ever-reliable. As a daily driver, it’s a no-fuss and dependable companion whether you’re out and about in the city or off to get some work done out of town. With its diesel motor, gassing up is affordable, and you won’t have to worry about parts and services since it comes from one of the most reliable car brands in the world, Toyota. 

However, you cannot discount what the other manufacturers have been doing lately. There are some very notable attempts to usurp the throne from the Innova in the MPV segment. We cannot ignore them now since the new crop of competitors looking to take the top spot are trying their best to make themselves known in the marketplace. While some options may come and go, here are five of the most notable ones in the market that we believe may be worthy alternatives to the venerable Innova. 

Geely Okavango Philippines

Let’s kick things off with the Geely Okavango. More crossover than MPV, it features a unibody frame, a hybrid powertrain, refinement, and loads of tech and safety features that we know will cost an arm and a leg if it had a Toyota badge. It’s a good thing that Geely is able to offer its cars at a very affordable rate, which makes it an even better deal considering all that you get with the vehicle. 

Consider the Geely Okavango in its Urban Plus trim if you’re eyeing the Toyota Innova in its G variant. These two models come at a similar price point, but the main difference is that you will be getting a lot more features and interior refinements over the Innova G. Remember, however, this isn’t a diesel-powered vehicle, and you will have to purchase gasoline instead. That is still a great tradeoff since Geely’s motors are quite refined and you can make up for a bit of fuel economy thanks to the brand’s mild hybrid system and turbocharged three-cylinder engine. Because of its powertrain, it also is the most powerful option in this list with 190 hp and 300 Nm of torque. Its torque figure is close to the diesel mill of the Innova which comes in at either 360 Nm of 343 Nm depending on the variant you get. 

Suzuki XL7 Philippines

With a price tag that’s even more affordable than the base J variant of the Toyota Innova, the Suzuki XL7 offers amazing value with top-of-the-line features, in a package that can compete with the Toyota in more ways than one. The Suzuki’s interior is a little more garnished than the base Innova, but we think that it can compete with the higher-end variants of the Innova in terms of fit and finish. It’s not as big as the Toyota, though, so the compromise there would have to be an inch or two of legroom and some inches side-to-side. However, that’s not really a problem given that it can still seat seven individuals comfortably. 

Like we mentioned prior, it’s even more affordable than the base J variant of the Toyota Innova, but it’s also less capable coming with just a 1.5-liter four-cylinder engine with about 100 hp. Don’t get us wrong, though, it’s still capable and when you’re just cruising along the highway, it’s one of the most frugal gasoline mills out there, something that the Innova can’t necessarily boast about based on our testing. It’s also a unibody frame underneath its sheet metal, and like the Okavango, it translates into a more refined ride. 

Maxus G50 Philippines

Now, here’s another alternative, but this time with more power over the Suzuki, and a comparable amount of power compared to the Innova itself. This is the Maxus G50, an MPV that matches the Innova’s purported eight-seating capacity. With 167 hp and 250 Nm of torque, it’s definitely no slouch, and it can give the Toyota a run for its money. All of this power comes from a turbocharged four-cylinder motor, and instead of the traditional six-speed, it makes do with seven ratios in its dual-clutch transmission (DCT). 

It also gets a comparable amount of features when pitted against the Innova given its cruise control and its comparable infotainment system. It is also a unibody chassis underneath, so that makes it more comfortable than the Innova over bumps and other potholes. As for space, it’s similar to the Innova 8-seaters in terms of layout but offers up so much more space in the middle and rear rows of the cabin. 

Mitsubishi Xpander Cross Philippines

Mitsubishi is probably Toyota’s closest competitor, but the Xpander Cross doesn’t exactly stack up or fall short of the Innova since they are two very differently constructed and designed with the Innova sporting a more SUV-like approach to its build, while the Xpander takes a more crossover-like stance. On top of that, you also get gasoline instead of diesel in the Xpander Cross, which can be a good or bad thing depending on how you look at it. 

In terms of power, the Xpander Cross makes only about 100 horses under its hood, but that motor is plenty capable to get you up to Baguio with a few passengers on board. Even if it isn’t a diesel, it still has the ability to hold a lot of cargo and also deliver a frugal fuel consumption experience whether in the city or on the highway. 

Toyota Rush Philippines

Finally, the last option we have in place of the Toyota is a more affordable MPV, the Toyota Rush. Get more features than the basic J variant of the Innova with the Rush. While you are sacrificing the diesel engine, you gain a nicer infotainment system, a slightly larger cabin, and the Innova nameplate, you do gain a rather affordable way into the MPV market with top-of-the-line trimmings. 

This alternative is more for the car buyers that are shopping in the lower-end of the spectrum. For those that want to maximize their money by getting a similar experience but still with a Toyota badge on the grille, then the Rush could make for a good alternative. 

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