Impressing a woman with your car

When I was a little kid, I thought the idea of having a car rather than saving a girl in a life and death situation is more realistic. I started to think this way after watching a James Bond movie for the first time – like, how cool is a machine gun-firing Aston Martin DB5? I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who finds that awesome, am I?

Well, as I got older and older, the idea slowly evolved into having a cool car that can impress a lady, which turned out to be not as simple as it was 10 years ago. In fact, making a good impression often takes a tedious process of who-knows-how-long and having a car’s just a part of it. Real men don't need a flashy car to sweep a girl off her feet; anything will do if you take note of these simple pointers.

Car Wash

Guys, a trip to the car wash isn't that painful for the wallet.Don’t show up with a dusty car that would make you look like unprepared; worse, you'd look irresponsible. Women don't like irresponsible men. Rather, they want someone who's man enough to handle them and their moods. Trust me, you'll thank me later.

Car wash can make even your dust-doodled ‘90s car would look the way it when it got out of the production line. So, go for a car wash a day or hours before your date. Better yet, get your car detailed inside and out. It’ll cost you more but we’re sure it’ll be worth it.

Clean cabin

Do not blow your special date off by letting your girl sit in a disastrous cabin. Wait, is that a lone used sock? I think that jacket was there for months now. Dude, you are your own downfall if you don't pick those up and throw it in the laundry. I'm telling you, guys with good personal hygiene are an A+ for the ladies. 

If you really want to bring the game to the next level, wash your floor mats, seat covers, and anything fabric inside your car. Dusts and bacteria from sweat, spilled drinks, and food crumbs populate these areas in your car. Make sure to clean your glovebox and coin case, too.

Car freshener

She won't praise you for eating a Big Mac the day before, or that hotdog sandwich you had from last week. Rather, these will throw her mood off for sure. Just imagine the amount of perfume she put on before she meets you. Well, you just wasted P200 off of her Chanel bottle by making her smell like a burger on your way to the date venue. 

Have some decent car freshener or air ionizer installed in your car. I'm sure they cost less than the 5-milliliter content of her perfume. Always remember, a woman's nose is one of the most sensitive thing in the world you'll ever encounter. 

Working Air Condition

Windows down? Oh, hell no. Unless you're going out at night, you don't want her to get fried up by the scorching sun. If there's a mortal sin you can commit on your date, it is, probably not fixing your air conditioning system – or at least making sure it's working fine because girls love it when they're always fresh.  

You can make it through the rest of the day if you have a fully functioning air conditioning unit. Show up with a crappy A/C and you'll hear her say "omg, ang haggard ko na!" in just a couple of minutes. That's the moment you can expect your day to end soon and I think you don't want that to happen, do you?

Good suspensions

Girls hate bumpy rides – makes them curse the world, or the government, or whoever there is to despise. If you have poor suspensions, you might blow her interest away and it's the very last thing you want to happen in this situation. A bumpy suspension may also cause interruptions between in-car conversations, which may lead to her losing interests about the topic.

A girl friend once told me that speed bumps are her worst enemies, especially when she's holding her wee. Fair enough, a smooth ride is your best bet to putting her in her most comfortable self. Come on, just let a mechanic check your suspensions if you feel like it's messed up. 

Tissue box

Girls really like having a tissue box inside a vehicle. It's one of the many things they try to look first after sitting inside any car (aside from the vanity mirror, of course). Don't ask further questions, just buy a box or two and put them at the back and in the glovebox. Include a furry animal tissue box cover, they find it entertainingly cute. 

Also, you can throw in a bottle of hand sanitizer on the door panel pockets as they are part of women's hygiene. Have the ones with floral or fruity scent; girls love those.

Vanity mirror

Want to hear a horror story? A girl unfolding a sun visor without a vanity mirror. If you don't have one installed in your vehicle, rush now to get one. It's a must-have because she would use it more than half the time you're in the car. It's her comfort place, a reflection of her beauty, and a medium that compliments her on how good she fixes herself. Take that off, and you'll find yourself in the worst day of the year.

Cup holders

Girls love coffee/tea and, man, she won't hold her drink the entire time on your way to her place (or yours) after the date. What you need is a cup holder — one of the most important and convenient features for people who love bringing their coffee on the road. Now, most cars have built in cup holders then there are some that don't. If your car doesn't come with one, you know what to do – get a mountable cup holder.  

Also, for some extra handsome points, you can impress her by buying one of those cup holder lights that you can throw in at the bottom of your car cup holder. It comes in different colors and is very useful during night-time escapades.

These, I say, can help you impress your woman. Just don't forget to place that flower bouquet and chocolates at the back for good measure. Throw in a cheesy road trip playlist, and you're good to go. Good luck and have fun! 

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