2017 Mazda CX-5

Make way for Mazda’s new challenger in the local compact crossover segment – the all-new CX-5. As compared to its predecessor, it features a sharper and more aggressive exterior that intends to embody a new breed of luxury.

Mazda said that the design concept dubbed as “Refined Toughness” was the key inspiration for the CX-5’s makeover. With that in mind, Mazda’s design team wanted to achieve a design that conveyed an impression of speed, as well as an appearance of one pure motion from front to rear. In simpler terms, the 2017 CX-5 is integrated with the latest rendition of the brand’s KODO: Soul of Motion design.

KODO is Mazda’s design language that’s currently seen in most of its vehicles. It was originally conceived as a design concept that aims to incorporate a living creature’s motion (like the cheetah) into the car.

Moreover, KODO was realized through Mazda’s Shinari concept, which was then succeeded by the Minagi and Takeri concepts. The design of the all-new CX-5 also follows the next generation evolution of the Kodo design language as first seen in the RX Vision concept, a 2-door sports car.

The 2017 CX-5 follows the footstep of the CX-9. When placed side-by-side, the CX-5 and the CX-9 look identical. The obvious difference you will probably spot is that the CX-5 is smaller as compared to the CX-9.

The all-new CX-5 features a sleeker and sharper exterior as compared to the outgoing model. As such, the front end is fitted with a more prominent chrome trim, a wider mesh grille, slimmer headlights, and a longer hood. 

From the side, the CX-5 comes with a character line that runs from the headlights toward the rear, which creates a powerful physique. The rear, on the other hand, has restyled taillights and a redesigned bumper.   

In addition, Mazda introduced a new exterior paint for the CX-5, called the Soul Red Crystal. The said exterior paint has evolved from the original Soul Red, which “yields an emotionally charged energy and vividness.”

The Soul Red Crystal uses 3 coat layers: reflective, translucent, and a clear top coat. This is made possible through the brand’s improved Takumi-Nuri painting technology. The new exterior paint uses bright aluminum and light absorbing flakes in order to intensify vividness as well as create more depth to shaded areas. With this, the new color achieved increased depth of shade without decreasing clarity. The same painting process was applied to the Machine Grey exterior color.

The overall exterior of the all-new CX-5 is stunning, striking, and ready to take on its rivals in the local compact SUV segment. With that, it is fitting to say that the CX-5’s second coming showcases a new breed of luxury.

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