Mazda leads in after-sales service satisfaction for 2023; can 2024 surpass this?

The drivers have spoken, and Mazda has listened. Last year, Mazda led the way in after-sales service satisfaction in the Philippines, recording an impressive 89.53% satisfaction rate, according to data from AutoDeal. Their achievement puts Mazda at the fore of customer care in the car field, which raises the question: Can 2024 deliver an even higher standard of customer care?

The company provides a wide range of after-sales services, from booking service appointments to addressing warranty inquiries and sourcing parts to handling technical issues. Mazda even includes special service campaigns to make sure every vehicle is up to date and performing good.

Mazda 2

Mazda started as a company making corks before becoming a respected car maker known for its quality cars. The company first made the Mazda-Go back in the early 1900s and later became known for its particular rotary engines and popular cars like the RX-7 and RX-8. 


In the Philippines, Mazda cars have been sold and serviced by Bermaz Auto Philippines (BAP) since 2013. BAP runs 21 service centers across the country, offering easy access to service for Mazda car owners. Mazda's range of cars in the Philippines is varied, including regular cars, hatchbacks, trucks, the famous MX-5 sports car, and models like Mazda 3.

The way Mazda treats customers has helped keep them loyal and trusting the brand. Given the recent data from AutoDeal, Mazda's after-sales services concentrate on customer support and satisfaction, which are huge parts of Mazda's general goal, including protecting the environment and improving the driving experience. Mazda's SkyActiv Technology includes a span of updates in engine efficiency, car frame structure, and reducing air resistance to lessen environmental impact while keeping driving fun.

Looking to 2024, Mazda customers are likely curious if the brand will be able to keep its current rank in service satisfaction. Of course, it is also possible Mazda will not only keep but even exceed its current standing. For those considering a Mazda, make sure to get a quote from trusted dealers through AutoDeal’s comprehensive car-buying platform. Get the best Mazda deal you can have with AutoDeal.

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