The beauty of the Chevrolet Trax 1.4 LT AT subcompact crossover

Subcompact crossovers are becoming a top choice among car buyers, primarily because of their eye-catching presence on the road. The Chevrolet Trax is one of the latest to come out of that segment. But what separates it from the rest?

There are two variants of the Trax – the LS and the LT. In this blog, we'll be talking about the top-of the-line variant, the Chevrolet Trax 1.4 LT AT, which we had a chance to drive during the testing days of the Car Awards Group Inc. (CAGI).


Chevrolet’s global branding is materialized by the huge front grille topped off with their signature bowtie logo in the middle. This gives the Trax an authoritative demeanor up front. It also exhumes a beefy aura all thanks to the combination of bulging fender flares and 18-inch wheels.

Aside from being a macho-looking machine, the Trax also has roof rails, rear spoiler, and narrowing windows towards the back which gives it a sporty character.


At the heart of the Chevrolet Trax lies a 1.4L turbocharged gasoline engine that is capable of churning out 138 hp and 200 Nm of torque – the highest within its segment. This not only gives the Trax the license to power up when needed but also be fuel-efficient with a 15.6 km/L rating.

Interior and Driving experience

The Electronic Power Steering of the Trax was a bliss and its engine was responsive to every command to the pedal. The 6-speed automatic transmission was smooth as well; with its handy manual mode came kicking in when we needed it.

Everything was soft to touch within the cabin, specially the leather wrapped steering wheel. The gauge clusters were pretty and legible, plus the whole dashboard was well-integrated. The whole cockpit area was also spacious and comfortable – something that every car owner should consider when buying a new car.

However, what stood out with the Trax was its touchscreen head unit that can connect to smartphones through Chevrolet MyLink. This allows iPhone users to use Siri's voice command capability while driving. Now, you can keep your focus on the road while trying to find the nearest Japanese restaurant within your location.

Another notable thing about the Trax was its immense trunk capacity, which amounts to 365L with all the 5 seats up. If you need to further maximize it, you can do so in a variety of ways to get a maximum cargo capacity of 1,371L – again, the highest in its segment.


Aside from the painless driving experience, the Chevy Trax is also packed with active safety features that are suitable for every road conditions. The 1.4 LT variant has Traction Control System, Electronic Stability Control, Cornering Brake Control, Rear Wheel Boost, Roll Over Mitigation, Straight Line Stability, Engine Drag Control, and Panic Brake Assist.

It also has a tire pressure monitoring system that promotes further fuel efficiency by keeping your tires properly inflated. And lastly, this top-of-the-line variant is also equipped with rear cameras that can assist when you're parking or backing up.

Though a bit pricey at P1,218,888, the Chevrolet 1.4 LT's wide array of features give you all that you need for a safe and enjoyable drive. It matches the dynamic lifestyles of bachelors (or bachelorettes) and it can also be a choice for a starting or small family who loves to travel and hit the road.

For the complete specs and features of the Chevrolet Trax, visit the AutoDeal Car Guide.

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