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From seatbelts to the revolutionary integration of passenger airbags, car safety features have come along way. But it doesn’t mean that it will stop there. In the last decade, car manufacturers are adding a variety of safety related advancements like radar and sensors to deliver a safer driving experience for everyone. What car safety features can you get today? 

Lane Departure System

You are driving 6 straight hours on a highway. Sleepiness and dizziness starts to kick-in so you close your eyes (although you should really stop driving or have someone else take the wheel) and your vehicle moves to another lane. Just when you open your eyes and realize that it’s incredibly stupid to sleep while driving, your car goes back to the original lane.  What just happened?

New cars have the lane departure system. It uses a small camera to monitor and detect if you are still in within the lane. It will then emit a sound or light to alert you. If you don’t wake-up, the system will automatically move your vehicle to the lane. 

Front Crash Avoidance System

Car manufacturers are integrating front crash avoidance system to prevent rear-end crashes. This high-tech car safety feature scans the road, submits the gathered information to the computer and calculates the safe driving distance. The system will alert you when you are too near to the car in front of you. Other systems will do the legwork for you by automatically applying the brakes.

Parking Assist System

More cars on the road means only one thing – crowded parking space. If you don’t want bent fenders, and cause traffic, a parking assist system can be a very practical solution to your parking woes. All you need to do is activate the system, shift to reverse and the system will park the car for you. 

Blind Spot Detection

Relying on your side mirrors is not enough to detect vehicles in your blind spot. With blind spot detection feature, you don’t have to guess whether or not there is a car beside you. The feature automatically lights up if another vehicle is at either of your blind spots. 

Inflatable seat belts

Seat belts are standard safety feature in cars but what if it is inflatable? This feature, which is aptly called inflatable seat belts, have the same concept as airbags. It will automatically inflate in a matter of milliseconds to provide cushion for your torso and reduce head and neck injuries due to the impact.

These high-tech car safety features are just tip of the iceberg. With technological advancements, we may see cars that can communicate with each other, enhanced gesture control, and augmented reality display. Vehicles may even have an event data recorder so we don’t have to pay for expensive dashcams ever again.

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