FAQs for selling your car on AutoDeal

Selling your car online can be a hassle especially if it's your first time. There are multiple things to think about such as the selling price of your car and the amount of negotiation you will need to do to get to a fair price for it. We here at AutoDeal understand this hassle and want to make your life easier with your journey of selling your vehicle. This is why we made a quick list of frequently asked questions to help you out and get your car sold as quickly and easily as possible.

You really won’t need much to sell your car on AutoDeal. All you will need is a few good photos of the inside and outside of your vehicle and a bit of its basic information to get you started. You will also need to create an account on the AutoDeal website to make it easier for you to get in touch with possible buyers. You will also need photos of your car’s OR/CR as part of the process of making an ad for your vehicle. 

AutoDeal offers you two kinds of ad packages that you can avail of. The first is the Standard Ad which costs P450 where your vehicle’s listing will remain until it is sold. You will also get SMS notifications in case someone makes you an offer and you will also get a weekly ad performance email to see how your posting is doing.

The second option is the Premium Ad which costs P700. It contains the same benefits as the Standard Ad package but with the bonus of getting featured listings until sold, P100 bump listing credits, higher listing ranking, and access to showcase listing. All these features allow you to be bumped to Rank 1 on the listings for better viewership of your ad and a higher chance of getting your vehicle sold faster.

For photos, you will need to showcase the complete exterior and interior of your car. Start with front quarter angles to show the front and sides of your vehicle at the same time. Then you can proceed to rear quarter and rear angles so you can show the backside of your vehicle. To establish transparency with potential buyers, make sure that you take pictures of any notable dents or scratches. Next, take photos of the interior which include the dashboard, seats, and even the infotainment system. This is to allow buyers to see what the car will look like from the inside.

You will need to make an AutoDeal account to sell your car online with us. Don’t worry as all we ask for is your email address so that we can properly connect you with your possible leads for your car.

Highlight the important features about your car like its variant name, what kind of transmission it has, and if it has any service records from the dealership. Having this kind of information ready will make it easier for the new owner to understand the history of the vehicle. Make sure to list any modifications done to the vehicle such as aftermarket wheels and tires or if the infotainment system has been changed as well. It's also good to indicate why you are selling the vehicle as well.

What AutoDeal can offer you is a quick and easy process of selling your vehicle with quality leads. This helps eliminate the hassle of having to haggle with someone through constant DMs, who may not even end up buying your car. This saves you time and money as the information that a prospective buyer needs to know is already on the website along with a few of its key features. 

With a private online ad, you usually pay a small amount to list your vehicle, and then you wait for buyer inquiries, set test drives at your home, and negotiate on price, which can take a lot of time and effort, along with the fact you need to meet with various people you have never met before. Although with a private ad you might be able to get the best value for your car. We also have a trade-in feature that makes it quicker and more convenient for your to sell your car, whilst maintaining a competitive bidding process to help you get a fair price for your vehicle.

There are many factors to take into consideration when it comes to the pricing of your car, these include the brand, model, and variant, the condition, modifications made, mileage, and how long you are willing to wait to sell the vehicle. Obviously keeping your car in the best possible shape with regular servicing is the way to maximize the value of the car. From an online perspective and getting plenty of digital offers you need to provide lots of high-quality images and provide detailed car condition information.

We take our insurance data, what prices cars are actually getting sold for and what is popular to determine estimated car values. This is just a guide for the seller to help set expectations, as you might get higher or lower on the final offer from the dealer.

Usually, all offers are digitally made within 3 days, then 1 day for inspection, complete paperwork, and get paid all within 5-7 days. Sometimes it can be quicker, sometimes slower depending on the availability of documents.

Yes, unlike many car selling sites it is free to sell your car through trade-in. You will receive funds directly from the dealer, with no middleman fees, you get to keep every Peso! There is no obligation to sell if you don’t receive a good enough offer.

The main difference is that you don’t have to trade in or part exchange your vehicle with the dealer that you are buying a new car from. Instead, get the best price for your car by getting multiple dealers to bid on purchasing your vehicle.

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