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Selling your car online isn’t as simple as taking a few photos of your vehicle and posting it. There are other steps to consider to make sure your post gets as much attention as possible to reach out to those looking to buy your specific make and model. With that in mind, we have created a quick guide to help you understand how you can sell your car online.

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Before you even consider posting your beloved vehicle online, you will first need to make sure that you have all of its necessary documentation in check. Make sure that you have its original receipt, certificate of registration, accident records, and service records. Having these documents all in check will help prospective buyers assess the vehicle to know if it is the right one for them. It will also help you make a sale as these will show that your vehicle is properly maintained and how trustworthy you are. These documents will make it easier for the new owner of your vehicle to transfer ownership of it under their own name.

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In order to get a proper price for your vehicle, you must first assess its condition and do a bit of research to help you determine a fair price for it. Do a quick online search for people who are selling the same make, model, and year for your vehicle so you can compare and contrast it with your own. Take note of the highest possible price and the lowest price so that you can find a good price range for your own car.

Now that you have done your research, assess your vehicle’s condition and check if there are any bumps, scratches, parts that need to be replaced or any items that need to be fixed. Make sure to take note of any mechanical issues and missing parts that may reduce the value of your vehicle. It is highly recommended that you have these issues fixed before you post your car for sale online or otherwise adjust its pricing accordingly.

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When posting your ad for your vehicle make sure to paint a clear picture of what the buyer would be getting. It is after all your responsibility as a seller to disclose all previous and/ or current problems with your car and to highlight any of its standout features. Modifications such as an aftermarket headunit or a new set of wheels and tires may add value to your car. Make sure that you take good photos of your vehicle from all possible angles and state the reason why you are selling the vehicle. 

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With the many online classifieds available, why sell your precious car on AutoDeal? For starters, the Used Cars Section on AutoDeal has a clean, professional look. Thanks to this, the interface gives its users an easy way of spotting which used cars are certified pre-owned, repossessed, or standard 2nd hand vehicles. Besides that, users can easily check the detailed technical specifications of each vehicle in the listing for up to 10 years since production. On top of that, your used car ad can be seen by up to 1.2-million website monthly visitors.

For more information on how you can sell your car, visit the AutoDeal Used Cars Section.

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