Right photos for selling your car.

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. Well, you may find that phrase true when selling a used car because pictures can either make or break a sale. Simply put, good photos attract more buyers especially online.

We listed down the essential photos that buyers look for when searching for a second-hand car online. We also come up with things that you should do before taking your car for a photo shoot.

Car wash

Before you shoot your car, make sure that it is clean to make it more presentable. A neat car is also an indication of how well it is valued by the owner. So, before you go for the photoshoot, clean your car’s exterior and interior or go through a car wash prior to the shoot. In this way, your car will look its best. If you have the extra money, you can also apply car wax to your vehicle.

Shoot at a good location

Your squeaky, clean car deserves a good location in order to shine and look at its best in every photo. Of note, you should set your photoshoot early morning or during the so-called 'golden hour.' To put things in perspective, the golden hour is approximately the first hour of light after sunrise and the last hour of light before sunset. It is during this time where the sun is low and provides a warm glow. 

When you got the time set, find an open space where there aren’t other vehicles in the background. An empty parking space in Bonifacio Global City could be a nice location. On the other hand, the open spaces found in the University of the Philippines Diliman could also be a good choice. Whatever the location may be, always remember that your car should be the main focus of the photos. Furthermore, don’t take photos at night because you won’t be able to show the full details of your car.

Work with angles

Before the actual day of your photoshoot, it is best if you do some research on how professional photographers shoot cars. By looking at their work, you can have an idea of what angle works and what doesn’t. With that in mind, the basic shots or angles that you should take note of are the following: front three quarter (showing the front and side of the car); rear three quarter (showing the rear and side of the car); side; front solo (face of the car only); and rear solo (rear end of the car only). A thing to remember, take photos of the car at eye level. This means that you should crouch down a little bit to make the photo look better.

2022 Kia Stonic interior dashboard Philippines

You should also photograph the interior of your car because this is one of the things that buyers check out when searching for used cars online. Buyers would tend to ask, is the interior still fresh? Is it still in good condition? To be able to answer those questions, you should first take a photo of your car’s dashboard. Simply go to the back seat and recline the front seats then take a shot of the whole dashboard.

In this way, buyers can see the condition of your steering wheel, audio system, instrument cluster, center console, among others. You should also take a photo of the seats, door panels, and headlining so that buyers will have the chance to see the condition of your car’s interior. In addition, take a photo of the odometer so that prospective buyers can see your car’s mileage.

2022 Issuzu D-MAX engine Philippines

When you want to sell your car, it is also recommended that you clean its engine bay. Why? It is because a clean engine bay translates that you, as the owner, have taken good care of the car. An engine shot can also indicate what type of power unit your vehicle has.

2022 Mazda 2 exterior wheels Philippines

Take a photo of the tire tread so that potential buyers can see its level of wear. This reveals the current condition of your tires. Although, you have to understand that this certain photo can affect the selling price of your car. If the tires are still in good condition, you can use this to better market your vehicle. However, if your car has a worn tire, potential buyers might ask you to lower your asking price.

Car scratch

When taking photos of a car that’s up for grabs, you should be honest by not hiding its flaws. Make sure to inform the potential buyers about all the issues with your car. In line with this, snap a photo of your car’s dents, scratches, and so on. It is ideal to let potential buyers know about these things ahead of time in order to have a more transparent transaction.

As said earlier, pictures can either make or break a sale. Photos are the main factor that buyers will evaluate when he/she searches for used cars in the market. With that, you should exert time and effort in order to snap the essential photos when selling your car.

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