Car of the Week - Ford Territory

What we have now, in the current Ford Territory, is an exceptional improvement over what was once there before. The model we have here today is one of the biggest improvements over the previous generation. Truly Next-Generation is what defines the Ford Territory currently, and if you’ve held off on buying the previous model, perhaps now is the best time to invest in this Next-Gen experience.

We fondly remember when the first Territory landed in the Philippines. Ford was pretty excited to be reentering the compact crossover segment once again, but this time with a totally new platform and name. From the previous model, Ford went back to the drawing board and reworked the whole chassis, exterior, interior, and also engine to deliver a more cohesive experience in line with the Ford brand. 

If you’ve been looking at the old Territory, or own one yourself, this is probably the upgrade that you’ve been waiting for. 

Ford Territory Engine

It’s hard to deny that the Ford Territory, in its previous generation, was just okay when it came to power and drive. The 1.5-liter turbo motor had just enough grunt to get it up to Philippine expressway speeds within a reasonably short amount of time. However, faced with more weight and the prospect of matching up to its rivals, Ford gave its EcoBoost motor—well—a bit of a boost. Back then with just 141 horses, the model now makes 160 hp. Now, 20 horsepower doesn’t sound like a lot, but across the entire RPM range, you can expect better performance getting up to speed and also better pickup at speed. The engine also makes better torque figures, allowing it to be more of a cargo-capable machine. 

Ford Territory Front Bumper

This isn’t just a facelift by any means. The new exterior design did more than just move a few panels here and there, this is a very different Territory compared to the one that we got used to when its first-generation launched in the country. It doesn’t take an enthusiast to tell, but this Next-Generation Territory is quite stunning to look at and quite in line with the current crop of Ford vehicles. The slim headlights, the large grille, and the stout rear end all flow seamlessly to create that signature Ford aesthetic. The design is indeed American in its execution, and the buff panels make the vehicle bigger than it seems. 

Ford Territory Infotainment Screen

For us, the best update that the Next-Generation Territory brought to the table was the improvements to the interior. Ford has impressed us on all fronts so far with a new engine and an exterior enhancement, but the interior is what we believe gets a lot of our praise. The old interior was good enough, but that wasn’t “good enough” for Ford. Taking into account the rest of the Territory’s rivals, the Blue Oval had to update its interior game quite a bit to compete and to even trump a bunch of rivals. It was a much-needed update since the rest of the market has recently been picking up steam. 

Ford Territory Interior

Now with this Next-Generation model, there is no doubt that the Territory has one of the better interiors out there, not just with regard to design but also with its space. Again, there is American influence in its design, with the Territory boasting a lot of legroom for its class and with a large rear cargo area to boot. At 448 liters of space with a large floor area, and with 60-40 foldable rear seats, you might find it hard to fault the Territory with the sheer area you have for cargo. 

Whether you’re sitting in the front or the rear of the Territory, it’s going to be a good drive/ride. If you opt for the Titanium+, the top-of-the-line variant, you get white leather which looks gorgeous, welcoming, and stylish. However, if you are not a fan of light colors on the seats, the Titanium variant doesn’t have a black interior color option, it’s blue and unique. No other nameplates have blue interiors, which is a huge plus when it comes to the Territory even at its baser trim. 

Frankly, you really have to experience it. At this point, we’re trying to tell you just how worthwhile it is through words, but with our first drives and first reviews of the model, even the Titanium trim has a substantial look and feel about it that the previous generation simply did not have. 

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