How much does it cost to insure a Kia Rio Hatchback?

The Kia Rio has remained a viable option for those looking for a stylish yet understated 5-door hatchback. A slight step above the entry level Picanto, the Rio is a certified looker even as it’s getting up there in years. The Rio Hatchback has been enjoyed by many owners throughout its life cycle.

If you own one or are looking to get it soon, know that car insurance is a must-buy in order to protect your vehicle from all sorts of unforeseen incidents. We’re here to help you find out how much insurance would cost for the Kia Rio Hatchback.

As of this writing, the Kia Rio Hatchback has a starting price of P920,000 for the 1.4 LX AT model. Spring for the top-spec 1.4 EX AT variant and you’ll have to pay P985,000. Even if the price is below a million pesos, that’s no chump change. For many people, it takes years of savings to come up with the cash to buy a Kia Rio.

Having said that, a large purchase such as this deserves an appropriate amount of protection. With a comprehensive insurance plan, you could defend your vehicle against the elements each and every day. You’d have no worries taking the Rio out for your daily commute or even on occasional road trips across the country. As you know, accidents don’t pick and choose who to victimize. It can happen anywhere at any time. That’s why it’s best to avail of a comprehensive insurance plan for your Kia Rio Hatchback.

A quick look at our Insurance Calculator reveals a rough range for an insurance plan for the Kia Rio Hatchback. It would cost you anywhere between about P21,300 to P26,300 to insure this vehicle, depending on several factors, of course.

It makes sense that the base LX model is more affordable to insure, starting at around P21,300 and going up to P21,700. On the other hand, the top-trim EX model costs between P22,600 to P26,300 to insure. Do note that these figures include coverage for a single year, and you would need to renegotiate your plan with your chosen provider near the end of the coverage period.

Below is a simple breakdown of what you can expect to pay for comprehensive insurance coverage for the Kia Rio Hatchback. The numbers are based on the most expensive policies with the lowest coverage. We encourage you to check out our Insurance Calculator to get a better sense of what type of coverage would work best for you.

  • Kia Rio Hatchback 1.4 LX AT - P22,421.06
  • Kia Rio Hatchback 1.4 EX AT - P23,880.05

The above figures are provided by some of the top insurance providers in the Philippines. Companies like Mapfre, Malayan, Fortuner General, and FPG Insurance can give you flexible and affordable deals that suit your particular needs. Each company provides different benefits and coverage types, so be sure to compare and contrast their offerings to get the right fit.

Getting an insurance plan with AutoDeal takes only about 5 minutes. You can even receive your policy as soon as the next business day. With our insurance solutions, you can have more time to enjoy your Kia Rio Hatchback with no fear. With a comprehensive insurance plan, you can go anywhere knowing that you're safe against the elements day in and day out.

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