How much does it cost to insure Lexus Vehicles

After buying your Lexus, you might want to go through the standard procedure of protecting it. Aside from the physical paint protection, keep an umbrella handy, and by an umbrella, we mean to keep an insurance policy handy just in case something were to go wrong. 

With that being said, make sure that the policy you’re getting is a comprehensive one that’ll give you the most benefit for your yearly rate. 

Editor’s Note: For the sake of simplicity, the models and variants to be quoted will be based on the newest top-of-the-line trims offered by the brand in the Philippines. Lower trims and older models may come out more affordable to insure when getting a quote using the AutoDeal Insurance Calculator. 

To help see the goal of being an end-to-end service provider of everything automotive in the Philippines, the AutoDeal Insurance Calculator takes our website’s philosophy of being able to compare almost every car in the country in the palm of your hand. With the calculator, not only can you get instant estimates for your insurance policy, but you can also go with the provider you like with a few taps. 

Using our online Insurance Calculator, here’s a quick rundown of the rates you can expect if you wish to insure a Lexus vehicle in the Philippines. As a premium vehicle brand in the country, however, take note that the insurance rates will be on the pricier side of things. 

Lexus IS

Whether you go for the F or the hybrid variants of the Lexus IS, there’s much to love about the brand’s compact sports sedan. Equipped with a 3.5-liter V6 gasoline engine, it’s plenty smooth and powerful for any of your drives in and out of town. An insurance policy for this model will cost up to about P62,000 to P87,000 per year depending on what provider you go with. 

Lexus ES

The Lexus ES is the quintessential midsize sedan for luxury car buyers. Based on an ever-popular Toyota model, it has the pedigree and the breeding that make it a prime executive choice in the premium car market. As such, its insurance policy for the top-of-the-line variant can cost you as much as P107,000 or as low as P76,000 per year depending on what provider you choose.  

Lexus LS

If you find yourself wanting the best that Lexus has to offer with its sedan lineup, then look no further than the LS range. The most expensive and most ornate sedan in the lineup, it costs a hefty sum to get it in your garage, however, insurance for the gasoline-only model will only set you back about P95,000 per year to have it protected. 

Lexus UX

The Lexus UX comes in a few flavors, a standard variant and then an F Sport variant, with the F Sport being the more interesting of the two. Built to be a city slicker with a ton of style, the UX will cost you between about P55,000 per year to about P68,000 per year to insure. 

Lexus NX

A staple in the Lexus crossover lineup, the NX, features five seats, ground clearance, practicality, and Lexus’ signature trimmings and style. You can’t go wrong with this model if you’re looking for a premium city runabout with a hefty dose of luxury features and advanced tech. Insuring this compact crossover will set you back between P74,000 to as much as P92,000 per year

Lexus RX

If you want the best Lexus crossover experience, then the RX is the flagship midsize model in the lineup that you should be looking at. There are three trim levels to note which are standard, F Sport, and Hybrid with the Hybrid variant being the most expensive to insure. If you prefer your RX to be a little more practical and more of a people hauler, a seven-seat version is available called the “L.” Policies for the top-spec trim can cost about P107,000 per year down to about P87,000 per year depending on what insurance provider you go with. Lower trims will be able to enjoy a lower rate but expect around the same price. 

Lexus GX

The first of the Lexus SUVs, the GX is a well-loved model only one model away from the coveted Lexus LX. The GX features a ladder frame chassis which is in keeping with traditional SUV building methods, but it comes equipped with a luxe interior with leather and special touches all throughout the cabin. It’s also one of the Lexus models that come standard with seven seats. To insure this, prepare about P96,000 per year for a comprehensive policy. 

Lexus RC

The entry-level two-door in the Lexus lineup is far from “entry-level,” in fact, it’s great to be behind the wheel of this thing with either its V6 or its V8 F variant. The RC F is a great car to drive, and it’s a great car to have for long cross-country drives. As such, drive without worry with a policy. The Lexus RC will cost you about P96,000 per year to insure. 

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