how much does it cost to own and maintain a geely coolray

Geely Philippines has been slowly gaining traction since the brand’s reintroduction into the country in September of 2019. It even posted impressive numbers last year being able to sell 229 in just four months of operation in the country. The brand even opened a new dealership in Cagayan De Oro fulfilling one of its 15 dealerships that its set to open this year.

Leading the charge to its success and acting as the flagship model is the highly-rated Geely Coolray. The subcompact crossover comes feature-packed and at an attractive price point. Now the question on everyone’s minds, or at least those who plan to buy one soon, is how much does it cost to maintain such a feature-packed crossover?

On the very first trip to the casa to get your preventative maintenance service (PMS) done at 1,000 kilometers expect the service to be done for free. It is important to note that the servicing for the Geely Coolray is done every six months or every 10,000 kilometers whichever comes first. By the second schedule service interval which comes in at the 10k km mark expect to pay around P5,543.00 for the service. For the very first paid PMS only three parts should be replaced. These include the oil which costs P4,602.000, the oil filter which costs P369.00, and the drain plug gasket, which will cost you P45.00. This will be the estimated cost and may differ when it comes to your unit.

Geely Coolray estimated maintenance costs

By the 20,000-km mark, owners will have to pay around P7,138.00 for their PMS visit. By the 30,000 kilometer mark, the cost will go down to about P6,843. For the breakdown of each PMS visit, refer to the chart above.

Where things get interesting is at the 40,000-kilometer mark as the PMS will be expensive. At this mileage milestone, owners will have to pay P15,347 due to parts and fluids being replaced. Pricing for the next two PMS schedules will be cheaper hovering between P7,000-9,000. Where things can get really expensive for owners is at the 80,000-kilometer reading where maintenance will cost P20,338.38 At this point, more parts and fluids will be replaced leading to the hefty price tag.

Here’s a breakdown of the prices of the parts required by the Coolray (including the required quantity) at some point during the ownership:

  • Fully Synthetic Oil (OW20) – P767 (quantity 6)
  • Oil Filter – P396.00 (quantity 1.0)
  • Drain Plug Gasket – P45.00 (quantity 1.0)
  • Spark Plugs – P405.00 (quantity 3.0)
  • Fuel Filter – P883.00 (quantity 1.0)
  • Air Filter – P753.00 (quantity 1.0)
  • Brake Fluid – P228.00 (quantity 3.0)
  • ATF (DCT 10) – P660 (quantity 4.5)
  • Air Conditioning Filter – P842.00 (quantity 1.0)
  • Engine Coolant – P371 (quantity 5.0)
  • Canister – P1371.38 (quantity 1.0)
  • Drive Belt – P1,056.56 (quantity 1.0)
  • Coolant Pump Belt – P482.00 (quantity 1.0)
  • Timing Belt – P2175.00 (quantity 1.0)

With these laid out, the expected cost of maintenance per year, assuming that you’ll cover 10,000 km annually and you’ll change your oil filter and drain plug gasket every PMS visit, would be below:

  • 1st year – P5,543 (parts replaced: air filter and air-conditioning filter)
  • 2nd year – P7,138 (parts replaced: air filter, A/C filter, sparkplugs, engine coolant, fuel filter, and brake fluid)
  • 3rd year – P6,843 (parts replaced: air filter and A/C filter)
  • 4th year – P15,347 (parts replaced: air filter, A/C filter, sparkplugs, engine coolant, fuel filter, brake fluid, canister, and DCT fluid)
  • 5th year – P6,843 (parts replaced: air filter, A/C filter, drive belt, coolant pump belt, and timing belt)

It is important to note that these figures are just estimates and the actual costs can differ. Each person drives their vehicle in varying conditions and as such, certain vehicles will need more (or less) maintenance visits than others. This is also in the assumption that you’ll follow the needed parts replacement mentioned above.

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