The Hyundai Santa Fe stands out with its large size, comfort, and modern features.

Designed with family life in mind, the Hyundai Santa Fe serves the needs of those requiring a large family SUV with its seven-seat layout and expansive cargo area. Here is a closer look at how the Santa Fe meets the needs of families who want a dependable and adaptable vehicle.

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Although sharing some visual cues with strong vehicles of the past, the Santa Fe is made for the lifestyle demands of today rather than off-road extremes. Its optional four-wheel drive is acceptable for light off-road activity, but the vehicle does not feature specialized off-road gear like low-ratio transmissions, focusing instead on daily lives - everyday functionality and reduced complexity. 

On the road, the Santa Fe offers a relaxed driving experience, with performance figures similar to those of traditional SUVs but with the added benefit of hybrid smoothness. The suspension is made to absorb road imperfections, making sure you'll get a comfortable ride, and the vehicle handles with composure.

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In the Philippines, Santa Fe offers two 2.5-liter engine options: a naturally aspirated version and a turbocharged variant in the calligraphy model. Both engines are paired with an eight-speed transmission, ensuring smooth and responsive driving.

Hyundai offers Santa Fe a hybrid powertrain, both in front-wheel and all-wheel-drive configurations or a plug-in hybrid that comes with all-wheel drive. The tested hybrid model shows both quiet operation and satisfactory power output, which are characteristics of modern electrified vehicles.

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Inside the Santa Fe, the design takes cues from higher-end models, offering a modern and inviting environment. Materials used throughout the cabin are chosen to provide a quality feel, and the overall layout is made with ease of use in mind, featuring large screens for information and infotainment.

Santa Fe's interior perfectly utilizes its ample space. The second row can slide to increase room for third-row passengers or cargo, accommodating up to seven adults and their belongings. The vehicle's overall dimensions, including its width and length, make it less cumbersome than larger SUVs while still offering considerable interior volume.

The Santa Fe doesn't hold back on technology - it's from Hyundai, after all! The vehicle gives an infotainment system and a range of driver aids as part of Hyundai's SmartSense package. From convenient features like an electronic parking brake to advanced safety systems, the Santa Fe is made to provide both entertainment and protection for all its passengers. In addition to its improved technology, the Santa Fe also gives off features like the panoramic curved display and dual wireless charging.

The Hyundai Santa Fe holds its own against competitors like the Kia Sorento and Nissan X-Trail, especially with its roomy third-row seating and generous space for luggage. In terms of pricing, it's competitive with five-seat SUVs such as the BMW X3 and Audi Q5, but the Santa Fe offers the kind of room you'd expect from bigger, pricier models like the BMW X5 or Audi Q7. 

For those considering the Santa Fe, it's available in several variants, with the 2.5 GLS 8AT 2WD priced at ₱2,410,000, the 2.5 GLS 8AT AWD at ₱2,540,000, and the top-tier 2.5T Calligraphy 8DCT AWD at ₱3,100,000, making it a really tempting pick for the space and features it offers. If you want to see the current lineup of Hyundai, you may visit AutoDeal to get a quote for the vehicle of your choice.

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