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To satisfy the varied demand of consumers, Toyota’s current lineup consists of subcompact hatchbacks, sedans, full-size SUVs and vans. Even at the 1-million peso mark, you would still have a number of options to choose from and not just a slew of base models.

If you’re thinking of the Wigo, well this list is much more than that. Using the AutoDeal Car Guide, we look into Toyota’s offerings that are under a million pesos.

Wigo (P473,000 to P561,000)

Playing at the half-million mark, the Toyota Wigo is a great option to those who prefer a small car for everyday driving. Its 1-liter gasoline engine with 65 hp and 85 Nm of torque is more than enough to take you places without burning a hole in your pocket for fuel.

The 1.0E model is perfect for those who just want to go from point A to B without bells and whistles. If you want peace of mind, an Anti-Theft system is available in the 1.0G model. It also has ABS for added safety, while the audio system has Navigation for a better ride experience. 

Vios (P599,000 to P991,000)

The Vios is one of the most visible cars in the streets today thanks to its good looks, 5-seater cabin, and an ample boot space for your luggage. Those, together with its starting price make it hard to resist this compact sedan.

It’s available in a 1.3L gasoline engine capable of 98 hp and 123 Nm of torque. The base model has a 5-speed manual while the middle E variant has the option for a 4-speed automatic. More power is also available with the top of the line G models that have a 1.5L gasoline engine under the hood, capable of 106 hp and 140 Nm of torque, and available in 5-speed manual or 4-speed automatic transmission.

The base model kept it simple with a 1-DIN CD player, 2 speakers, dual SRS front airbags and child lock protection in the rear. In contrast, the G models will give you a more comfortable driving experience with its 7-inch touchscreen display/music player, 6 speakers, and leather steering wheel with audio switch. Safety is also enhanced via ABS with Electronic Brake Distribution with Brake Assist and Toyota’s vehicle security system.

Avanza (P675,00 to P926,000)

If your passengers are mostly adults, or you simply need bigger trunk space for your belongings, the Avanza can take care of you. 

The entry-level variants have a 1.3L gasoline engine that juices out 95 hp and 121 Nm of torque. The top of the line G models has a 1.5L gasoline engine churning out 103 hp and 136 Nm. The base model is only available in a 5-speed manual while the other variants have the option for a 4-speed automatic.

Basic amenities such as manual air conditioning, SRS airbags, and child lock protection are available inside the cabin. If you wants ABS, Toyota’s Vehicle Security System, and steering wheel with audio controls, the top of the line G variant is for you. 

Yaris (P743,000 to P883,000)

If you like the size of the Vios but want the hatchback appeal, the Toyota Yaris gives you just that without breaking the 7-digit threshold.

It has a familiar front fascia, almost similar to the Vios save for a chrome accent from the grille to the front bumper. Body dimensions are close too, only the Yaris is a bit longer. Under the hood is a choice between 1.3L gasoline engine that puts out 99 hp and 123 Nm of torque, or a 1.5L variant churning out 107 hp and 140 Nm. The base model is available in a 5-speed manual or in Continuous Variable Transmission (CVT) with sequential shift.

Inside is a 5-seater cabin with manual air conditioning, a 7-inch touchscreen display with Bluetooth, voice control, and mirror link connectivity, while the top of the line model has the additional steering wheel with audio control. Dual front airbags and ABS with electronic brake force distribution and brake assist are also standard for all models along with Toyota vehicle security system.

Corolla Altis (P894,000 to P990,000)

The Corolla Altis is a compact sedan that’s a bit more upscale than the Vios. It starts with a 1.6L gasoline engine under the hood, capable of 122 horses and 154 Nm of pull. A premium 2.0 V model is available, putting out 145 hp and 187 Nm of torque. The lower variants have a 6-speed manual transmission while the others rely on CVT.

It can accommodate 5 people that would enjoy the automatic climate control available for non-base models. There’s also a 2-DIN CD/MP3/Radio with 6 speakers for entertainment that can be controlled with the multi-function steering wheel on the middle and top of the line variants.

Safety features are standard across all models that include dual, side, curtain shield, and driver knee airbags, ABS with electronic brake force distribution and brake assist, as well as child protection lock and Isofix.

All-New Innova (P919,000)

The new Innova retains the same wheelbase measurement from the previous iteration, but is now 150mm longer, 70mm wider, and 35mm taller. 

It can accommodate 8 passengers in its cabin that covers the basics like manual airconditioning and 2-DIN music player that goes out of 4 speakers. There’s also dual airbags inside for added safety.

A 2.0L gasoline engine runs the Innova J, capable of 136 hp and 183 Nm of torque mated to a 5-speed manual transmission. It is aided by ABS that can be crucial during spontaneous road situations.

Hilux (P776,000-P929,000)

Just when you thought those are more than enough, you can also get a pickup truck from Toyota in this price point. The Hilux J 4x2 MT and C&C 4x2 MT are the only variants available under 1-million, but have enough features to get you going.

These 5-seaters have a manual air conditioning, 2-DIN music player with 4 speakers, and a power outlet. Safety features include dual front airbags and ABS with electronic brake force distribution.

Roaring under the hood is a 2.4L diesel engine with 147 hp and 343 Nm of torque, attached to a 5-speed manual transmission.

The Innova and Hilux might be base models only, given the price limit, but they are well rounded enough to make them suitable for everyday driving. As for the others, they give you a great value for your money since you have a number of top of the line options. These, combined with the promos they have, make it hard to resist purchasing a Toyota right now.

For more information on Toyota and its vehicles, visit the AutoDeal Car Guide

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