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Many motorists are still rushing to get their RFIDs installed onto their vehicles. With the deadline of expressways to transition to a fully cashless system already passed, traffic has built up in certain areas in or around highway entrances. The main cause is due to the long queues that have formed for those only now having RFIDs installed at the toll booth itself. While the latest reports say that the traffic situation is slowly improving, the question still remains, “what if I have to travel on SLEX or NLEX but I still don't have an RFID?”

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If you still don't have an RFID you will not yet be fined by the expressway operators. The Department of Transportation (DOTr) has extended the deadline in which motorists will not be penalized for entering an expressway RFID lane without the said device. It is important to remember that the extended deadline is only applicable until January 11, 2021. 

Do not worry, though, as installation sites will remain operational even past the January 11 deadline. Certain lanes at toll booths will also act as an installation site for those who want to get their RFIDs or reload them. For SLEX and other expressways under the San Miguel Corporation, a few cash lanes are still open, however, these may change into RFID only lanes soon as the transition period ends. Further still, EasyTrip will soon be relaunching its stick-it-yourself RFID kits that will be available on e-commerce sites. It is important to note that those who have their RFIDs installed at the toll booth should be able to use said device immediately. However, expect a delay when it comes to knowing your balance and reloading your account.

If you really need to travel on an expressway without an RFID, here are a few things to keep in mind that you will need to plan for.

  • Expect your regular journey to an extended travel time, especially if you plan to have your RFID installed at the toll booth itself.

  • Expect that the installation queues are going to be long, these will stretch out for kilometers with only a couple of meters of movement every so often.

  • Expect to encounter heavy traffic near or around the highway entrance. This is caused by the many other motorists who also want to have their RFIDs installed.

  • Consider off-site installation locations. Instead of having to brave heavy traffic and long lines you can head to one of these sites instead.

  • Consider 24-hour installation sites as another option. Unlike regular installation sites which only have a certain window of operation these work around the clock. Try visiting them early in the morning to get an optimal position in line.

  • Try to set an appointment for an RFID installation. While we understand that schedules are full for certain areas, getting yourself an appointment will make acquiring an RFID easier. Once you have a set time and location, the installation process itself will only take a few minutes to accomplish.

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