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Driving and maintaining a car requires a lot of patience, effort, and responsibility. It’s a good thing that technology has made our lives even easier with useful phone applications that we can download to make driving easier with just the tap of a button. With that said, here is a quick list of 9 must-have car applications that diversify a bit of memory space on your smartphone. It is important to note that we did not include any car manufacturer applications as not all brands in the country have them.


Starting with the navigation applications, Waze should be included on your smartphone. It gives you updated traffic information as well as suggested routes you should take on your journey. It also comes with updated gas prices if you need to gas up on your way to your destination. To add to this it is also supported both by Apple CarPlay and Android Auto-equipped head units making using the application so much easier. 

Google Maps

Another navigation phone application that you can use to find your way around the city or to far-flung destinations is Google Maps. It gives you route options, shows you the traffic conditions, and can even calculate how much time you will need to get to where you need to go. While you can use it for your vehicle, it also shows you navigation options if you wish to take public transportation or walk to where you need to go. It is a good general all-rounder application for your navigation needs. 


With the advent of RFID technology being more prevalent on major highways throughout Luzon having the AutoSweep Balance Inquiry application can be a lifesaver. Here you can check on the balance of your RFID to see if you have enough for your trip out of town or if you will need to reload it. It is important to note that this application is only available for Android-powered devices as there has yet to be a version for iOS-powered smartphones.

EasyTrip phone application

If you have plans to travel up to the north, then getting the EasyTrip phone application may be a good idea. It functions in the same manner as its AutoSweep counterpart but shows you more than just your load balance details. It helps you track where you have entered and exited as well as gives you options to reload your RFID account.

Spotify and Apple Music

Having music in your car can make a boring road trip or commute into something a little more exciting especially if you have your favorite band or artist on repeat. With that said, having Spotify or Apple Music at the ready will help you with these situations. It also helps that these two applications are also supported by both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto making integration with your vehicle so much easier. 


With the rising prices of gas finding the best deal when it comes to your fuel can be a difficult experience. Luckily Drivvo is there and functions as an application that can both help you with your expenditures, gas milage records, gas station locations, and help you find the lowest-priced gas near you. It also gives you car maintenance reminders along with car service costs.

Shell app

The Shell application helps you locate the nearest gas station along with how to get there. It can also help earn points and keep track of your rewards every time you gas up via its promos and deals. 


If you think ‘women are the epitome of the word ‘complicated’, well, you better give it another thought. Metro Manila traffic conditions are much more unpredictable, dude! But, thanks to the first-ever Philippine agency mobile app, it provides users the necessary information like real-time traffic situations, notification of road accidents, and helps in finding alternative routes to navigate your way throughout the metro. With this app, you can share and report traffic conditions via its official Twitter account.

Dibz App

Worried about finding a parking spot within Metro Manila? Dibz is here to help answer that call. It is a parking-space locator that has several partners from various locations in the country. With this application, you can easily reserve a parking spot near or at your desired location so you don’t have to go through the process of wandering around the parking area looking for a spot or queuing up to wait for your turn. It will also give you an electronic parking ticket as proof of your reservation along with the operating hours and prices for that parking spot. 

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