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Driving and maintaining a car in tip-top shape take a lot of patience, effort, and responsibility. It’s a good thing technology has made our lives easier with useful car applications that we can download on our smartphones in just a tap. Here, we listed 9 must-have car apps that deserve a bit of memory space on your mobile phones.


Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA)

If you think ‘women’ are the epitome of the word ‘complicated’, well, you better give it another thought. Metro Manila traffic conditions are much more unpredictable, dude! But, thanks to the first-ever Philippine agency mobile app, it provides users the necessary information like real-time traffic situation, notification of road accidents, and helps in finding alternative routes to navigate your way all throughout the metro. With this app, you can share and report traffic conditions via its official Twitter account.

Auto Sweep RFID

Auto Sweep RFID

This software is highly recommended if you frequently travel along the Metro Manila Skyway. Using the Auto Sweep Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) system, you will no longer have to stop by toll booths to pay manually. The user can check the balance of the Sweep Card through this online tool.

iOnRoad Augmented Driving Pro

Looking for a dependable app? Your 47 pesos can go a long way with iOnRoad. It has features similar to a “blackbox”, and is capable of recording videos of your drives that can serve as evidence in case of an accident (hope not!). Your smartphone’s camera will be able to sense if you’re moving too close to vehicles around you. It can identify potential collisions, and alert the user in time. Apart from that, you can rely on iOnRoad when it comes to giving off-road warnings and recognizing speed signs, making sure that you’re following the traffic rules.


Marked as Editor’s Choice, the Drivvo seems to be as reliable as any secretary out there. This app will serve almost everything on your plate: expenditures, gas mileage records, gas station locations with lowest-priced gas near you, car maintenance reminders, and car service costs. Clearly, this will help you save money, time, and keep track on your monthly expenses.

Shell and Caltex Station Locator

These two oil companies offer nothing but convenience to their valuable customers. The Shell app and Caltex Station Locator app allow the users to find the nearest station, as well as the services they offer. Moreover, the Shell lets the customers pay for fuel and other purchases using smartphones. It also features a mobile wallet for secured transactions.

Waze, Google Maps, Navitel

Aside from MMDA app, there are also numerous softwares that emerged for the benefit of motorists even outside Manila. Who doesn’t know Waze, Google Maps, and Navitel these days? All you have to do is to type in your desired destination before you step on the accelerator and voila! It will guide you to low traffic and easier routes.

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