Cars are more than just a means of transportation. These are machines, which get you to and from work on a daily basis. It is also your reliable companion for every road trips, romantic dates, family adventures, and a whole lot more. As years go by and as the odometer passes the 70,000 km mark, you and your car have been through a lot – creating memories that could almost be considered as sentimental.

Regular maintenance plays a major role in sustaining your car’s performance. Among the many, you should check your vehicle’s spark plugs, air filter, coolant, tires, and engine oil to keep your 6 to 10-year old car in tip-top shape.

1. Spark plugs are the one in charge of igniting the air and fuel mixture with the engine’s cylinders. Like all things, it will age as time goes by resulting to lack of vehicle acceleration, higher fuel consumption, and rough engine idle.

When to change: Every 20,000 km to 130,000 km or depending on manufacturer's recommendation and type of spark plugs.

2. Air filter deflects dirt, road debris, and other contaminants from entering the engine. A clean air filter should be white or off white in color. A dirty air filter will cause your car to lack in power, affecting its overall performance.

When to change: Every oil change (5,000 km to 10,000 km).

3. Coolant is a fluid that helps the engine to maintain its ideal operating temperature. This is the one in charge in making sure that your engine won’t overheat. You need to check the quantity of your car’s coolant on a regular basis. You can check it by simply looking if the liquid reaches the ‘full’ line, located on the side of the coolant reservoir.

When to change: Every 40,000 km to 100,000 km or depending on manufacturer's recommendation. 

4. Without tires you obviously couldn’t drive the vehicle. With that, maintaining the right tire pressure is important to reduce the possibility of a flat tire or a blowout. Tire pressure could also yield better fuel economy and improved handling. You should also have it checked by your trusted mechanic in order to know if your tires need to be replaced with a new one.

When to change: Depends on tire tread wear. 

5. Engine oil is a lubricant that helps your engine to function smoothly. It is one of the most important components in keeping your car in tip-top shape. Engine oil serves like your car’s bloodstream – without it, your vehicle would not come to life.

When to change: Every 5,000 km (if mineral oil) and 10,000 km (if synthetic) or depending on the manufacturer's recommendation. 

With regular oil change, your car’s engine will be well lubricated and protected against friction. You can use Shell Helix High Mileage engine oil for cars that are 6 to 10 years old or has travelled more than 70,000 km. It's available in 2 variants: Helix 10W-40 for gasoline engines and Helix 15W-50 for diesel mills. 

Shell claims the Helix High Mileage engine oil comes with a special formulation that provides 40% better wear protection. It is designed to prevent sludge and other damaging deposits for better engine performance. The said oil is also infused with Flexi-molecule technology, which helps prevent leaks and reduces oil burn-off for less top-up.

Your car should never lose its ‘ever reliable’ status regardless of the age. It may be a 10-year-old car but with proper and regular maintenance, it will continue to take you to places. Take note of these tips and get your Shell Helix High Mileage oil change now at your nearest Shell retail station or look for it in your favorite Car shop or Auto supply store.


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