Shell Helix High Mileage

Old but useful – this could be the rallying cry of cars that have been running for quite a period of time. As such, Shell Philippines introduced an engine oil that’s specifically designed for cars with a mileage of more than 100,000 km.

Say hello to Shell Helix High Mileage, which is an engine oil that is said to be specifically formulated to protect high mileage cars.     

The development of Shell Helix High Mileage is meant to help customers with older vehicles to prolong the life of their vehicle, so that they can enjoy more memories with their trusted partner through the years,” said Shell Lubricant general manager Dennis Javier. 

As the company claims, the Shell Helix High Mileage is a special formulation that provides 40% better wear protection by preventing any damaging elements inside the engine. This is achieved by the flexi-molecule technology, which has the capability to adapt according  to your motor's temperature and pressure.

The Shell Helix High Mileage is now available nationwide with 2 variants: 10W-40 (for gasoline cars) and the 15W-50 (for diesel).

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