What makes the Stonic perfect for beginners

It’s no secret that the Kia Stonic is the smallest crossover in the lineup, it’s also no secret that it’s perhaps one of the best values for money in the Kia lineup for the Philippines. Furthermore, it’s also well-known that a smaller car with ample ground clearance is a perfect car for beginners to handle. 

On top of that, the features found in the Stonic are perfect for newbies as they help make any drive easier and more hassle-free with style to boot. So here are five reasons why the Stonic is a perfect choice for anyone looking to get their start on four wheels. 

Kia Stonic EX Philippines

There is nothing more tedious than having to lug around an extra-large car in the city. Considering the congestion in the Philippines, a smaller car in the city will be optimal for most of your needs. 

With a length of 4,100mm, a width of 1,735mm, and a height of 1,532mm, the Stonic is still quite substantial for a car of its class. It’s about as large as a Vios, but with more ground clearance, coming in at 185mm. 

2021 Kia Stonic EX

Speaking of ground clearance, it’s easy for beginners to scrape the bottom of a sedan if they are not careful. If you’re new to driving, then the Stonic will give you enough clearance so you don’t have to worry about dreaded speed bumps and potholes that will ravage the underside of any low-slung vehicle. 

Another good side effect of higher ground clearance is having a more commanding view of the road. If you’ve ever sat in the front seat of a sedan or sports car, you will notice that the dashboard takes up quite a bit of your view—covering the road and any potential dangers. Really, sometimes a little more height goes a long way. 

Kia Stonic Infotainment System

There is a revolution now for cars in the Philippines. A few years ago, Android Auto and Apple CarPlay were rare features. Ever since Google standardized the inclusion of Android Auto into almost every Android smartphone, things just went up from there. Manufacturers in the Philippines started coming out with capable systems that would pair your phone seamlessly with your car. 

Not only that, but a backup camera is standard, which makes parking a breeze. Coupled with the compact dimensions of the Stonic, you get a recipe for success. 

Kia Stonic Philippines Driving

Nothing excites a newbie more than a car that can give them a fun drive. The Stonic doesn’t disappoint in this regard, as it features sharp handling for a crossover and an engine that won’t break the bank to feed with fuel. 

During our review of the crossover, we were just ok with its engine. It has a 1.4-liter naturally-aspirated gasoline motor that punches out 98 hp and 132 Nm of torque. Nothing too exciting, but the handling of the crossover is really what made us smile ear-to-ear given the right road. 

What the engine lacks in power, it gains back in fuel economy, as the Stonic was able to eek out 8km/L in the hellish traffic of Metro Manila, and up to 11 km/L when things cleared up. However, more impressive was its performance on the highway with up to 18 km/L driving a bit spiritedly at 100km/h. 

Kia Stonic Front Quarter

Who could forget the tagline: “Style that is iconic?” In terms of looks, the Stonic really punches above its price point and its category. The design was so good that it got a Red Dot design award, and it’s one of our favorites to look at from the segment. Though don’t get us wrong, there are other vehicles that some people prefer, but personal preference is personal preference and for us, the Stonic is up there in terms of looks.

If you're convinced that the Stonic will make a great first, second, third, or even fourth car, then do check out our 'Buy Online' or try out our 'Get Quote' features. 

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