What makes the MG ZS competitive

Since its initial introduction, the MG ZS has become one of the most popular subcompact crossover options available in the market today. It brings to with it not only an affordable price point, but it also comes with many features that would normally not be seen in a vehicle in its segment. Given that the subcompact crossover segment has seen new additions in the last few years, now the MG needs to go toe to toe with even stiffer competition. Here is how the MG ZS remains a popular option for those looking to get an affordable crossover under the P1,000,000 mark.

2019 MG ZS crossover

One of the key factors that have made the MG ZS a popular vehicle in the Philippines is its attractive and competitive pricing. The vehicle at its most affordable can be had for a little under the P820,000 for its entry-level model, while its range-topping model can be had for under P1,000,000. With that said it puts the crossover within a particularly popular price bracket that can fit almost any budget. It also helps that that crossover is also well equipped in terms of features adding to its value for money proposition.

2020 MG ZS crossover

As a popular option in its segment, the MG ZS is no slouch when it comes to its styling as it comes with a sporty design. This is evident in the crossover’s massive grille paired with its sharp headlights and unique daytime running lights on either side. It has a nice imposing stance with cuts and creases on the front to evoke a more muscular look while still maintaining an overall sleek look. Aside from this it also carries a few European design cues that can be seen at the rear thanks to its LED taillights.

MG ZS interior

The MG ZS, even as a subcompact crossover, has plenty of room inside the cabin for all of its occupants and can easily pass as a family car. Passengers in the front and in the rear have a lot of head and shoulder room, which means you won’t be rubbing shoulders with anyone. Aside from this the second row also boasts great legroom and can easily accommodate three adults.

MG ZS trunk area

Even the trunk of the vehicle is impressive as it comes with 448-liters worth of space. More space can be had as the second-row folds down revealing 1,375-liters worth of cargo room. For those with elderly passengers or family members, the trunk has more space to put a wheelchair in the back along with a few bags. It even comes with a low loading lip that will make loading and unloading of cargo from the back much easier.

MG ZS panoramic sun roof

Aside from this the crossover also has a panoramic sunroof that helps add a bit of premium feel and ambiance to the vehicle’s interior. The feature lets natural light enter the cabin when needed and at a push of a button. A fabric cover is also present in case the occupants don’t want the heat of the sun hitting them and to allow for better cooling inside the interior of the vehicle.

MG ZS infotainment system

Another selling point of the MG ZS is its large 8-inch infotainment system. While it doesn’t come with Android Auto capabilities, it does come standard with Apple CarPlay. This lets Apple iPhone users easily connect their device to the infotainment system and grants them access to their favorite music streaming or navigation applications. This gives the ZS an advantage over its competitors as not many will have this feature available, especially for its attractive price range.

MG ZS dynamic reverse camera

On top of this, the MG ZS also comes with a dynamic reverse camera. This helps the driver see where the vehicle might go in reverse depending on the input of the steering wheel. There is also a reverse sensor that comes with an estimated distance, which can be a handy function to have for those who want to maximize their parking space. 

MG ZS Alpha wheel

For a vehicle that has been assigned to fit within a certain price range, one would think that the MG ZS would be lacking in terms of features. Such isn’t the case for the popular crossover as it comes standard with certain features that don’t normally with vehicles in its segment. 

MG ZS tire pressure monitoring system

One such feature is the tire pressure monitoring system. While it’s a minor addition to the vehicle it is still a big help as it lets the driver see what’s happening with the tires at all times. One caveat though is that you can only see the tire pressure of one tire at a time. Regardless of this limitation it still saves the user from having to guess the tire pressure of their vehicle or go to the gas station

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