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The popularity of Chinese car brands is rising in the Philippines and it’s easy to see why. The cars they offer are not only affordable, but they also provide a ton of equipment for the price. Not to mention, the design of some of these cars is striking and different from the ones we see in Japan, Europe, and America. 

To figure out what brands from China have made a significant impact in the Philippines, we turn to the data we’ve gathered from inquiries made on AutoDeal. Without further ado, here are the three leading Chinese brands that have garnered the highest number of inquiries on our platform.

Geely Coolray

First on our list is Geely with 2.81 percent of total inquiries made on AutoDeal. The Geely brand made its official comeback in the Philippine market back in 2019, and along with it came the Coolray crossover. Despite being the only car Geely offered when it first relaunched, the Coolray became an instant hit for Filipino buyers because of its accessible price, daring looks, and the amount of interior tech it offered. 

Since then, Geely’s popularity has seen an upward trend, furthered by the addition of the seven-seater Okavango SUV, the Emgrand sedan, and the luxurious Azkarra SUV. Today, Geely has a strong, growing community of enthusiasts with the Coolray remaining as the main market driver for the brand.

The latest car to come from Geely is the GX3 Pro, serving as an entry-level crossover for the brand. This subcompact crossover slots below the Coolray in terms of size with prices topping just below the P900,000 mark. If you want to learn more about this crossover, you can check out the details and specs on AutoDeal right now. You can even get a free quote there while you’re at it.


Next on our list with 2.75 percent of total inquiries is MG. The MG marque was first founded in the UK in 1920 by a man called Cecil Kimber. After briefly shutting its doors in 2005, the MG brand was purchased by the Nanjing Automobile Group with a goal to revitalize the British brand as MG Motor.

Since then, the MG brand as we know it has been established globally, and in 2018, MG Motor entered the Philippines as Morris Garages Philippines. The MG brand enjoyed stable growth through the years with buyers praising their cars for their innovative designs and accessible price points. 

In 2023, as the demand for electric vehicles surged, MG made its foray into the market with the introduction of two new vehicles, namely the Marvel R and the MG4 EV. With the inclusion of these electric models, the total number of MG offerings in the Philippines now stands at eight cars. If you want to explore MG's complete lineup, visit the car guide page on AutoDeal for an in-depth look.


The last brand on our top three is GAC with 1.54 percent of total inquiries. Since it entered the Philippines in 2018, GAC has proved to buyers that its cars can both be affordable and reliable. In their bid to prove this, GAC entered the GA4 sedan in a series of endurance races, successfully winning the 2021 Kagitingan Cup 6-hour race championship and the 2021 Kalayaan Cup 4-hour race championship. 

Today, although the GA4 sedan is no longer offered in the country, GAC has already proved its point and has built a community of customers and enthusiasts. In 2023, GAC came out swinging unveiling a range of new models, including the Empow sports sedan, the GS8 crossover SUV, the futuristic Emkoo crossover, and the sporty GS3 Emzoom.

You can explore the complete lineup of these three brands on If you're considering buying a car from Geely, MG, or GAC, you can effortlessly connect with a dealer and request a quote here, hassle-free.

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