What makes the MG ZST a real contender?

Becoming a trendsetter in a highly competitive segment is a difficult task. MG Philippines was able to do this back in 2019 when it introduced MG ZS as it came to the local market with a competitive price point along with a competitive set of features that took us and the market by surprise. Not long after many other competitors followed suit and the spotlight was slowly taken away from the ZS. 

Now, however, the automaker wants a piece of that pie once again, but this time with the MG ZST. It's the latest evolution of the ZS that comes with much of the same features as its predecessor but this time with a more powerful engine. This now begs the question, what makes the MG ZST a real contender in the competitive crossover market.

MG ZST action shot

If you take a quick look at the MG ZST you will notice that it comes with a Britdynamic badge. That badge isn’t just for show as the vehicle has a very well-tuned vehicle stabilization program and traction control system. It lets you have some fun with the ZST while still being safe at the same time. The system also manages the power well and won’t let you slip when you apply the power while cornering. It's an intuitive system that we much liked about the car and is what sets it apart from its competitors.

MG ZST front quarter

Styling is a big factor when it comes to the MG ZST. While the ZS still looks good, its styling is far less aggressive compared to the newer model. This is evident in the sleeker looks of the ZST along with the more aggressive front fascia and headlights. While the body shape is still relatively the same the overall aesthetic aims for a more serious look with the headlights almost squinting at you. As the ZST is the facelifted version of the ZS this change in design is one that we find was a good transition for the nameplate. Modern looks to fit a more modern vehicle. 

MG ZST front

In keeping in line with what made the ZS an attractive crossover, the MG ZST also comes with an attractive price tag. While it's not as affordable as the ZS counterpart, its price point of P1,158,888 still puts it in the highly lucrative range of P1.2 million where most of its rivals are positioned. While it is a jump in price over its predecessor, it's well worth it as the ZST comes with more technology and a new engine. 

MG ZST Interior

The interior of the MG ZST is similar to the ZS. It's bright and young and comes with red accents all over the cabin alluding to a sportier look. While this won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, it fits the overall younger aesthetic that the crossover is going for. These red accents can be found on the door cards, the center console, and the aircon vents which also look like jet engines. Aside from this it also gets MG badging on the headrests as well and a red stripe on the side and middle of the front seats. 

MG ZST engine

Under the hood, the MG ZST is powered by a 1.3-liter turbocharged 3-cylinder engine. It matches well with the vehicle and gives its platform a much-needed boost in power. The motor produces 161 hp and 230 Nm of torque and sends power to the front wheels via a 6-speed automatic transmission. This puts it on par with the rest of its competitors as their power figures are within that range as well.

Overall, the MG ZST comes with the right stuff that people are looking for when it comes to a subcompact crossover. It has an attractive price point which is one of its big selling points, it has the right amount of tech with the 360-degree camera and Apple CarPlay and Android Auto capable infotainment system, and it comes with a powerful engine that produces a good amount of torque. It's everything that the ZS was and more and is now an even fiercer rival to its newfound competitors making it a serious contender for your shortlist if you want to buy a subcompact crossover. 

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