2019 Toyota Hilux: Built for Conquest – Which Variant?

Whether you need a pickup for a business, or just as a go-anywhere vehicle, the Toyota Hilux will find its way into your list of considerations. If it’s not on the list, it probably should, because Toyota’s nameplate has the reputation to back it up. 

As one of Toyota’s most well-known models, it stays a popular option in the market thanks to its capability and durability. When your heart is set on this model though, which of the 12 variants in the lineup will be best for you? It’s a long list of options, so let’s sift through all of them. 

For P829,000 you get the entire front end of the car. That’s all. It starts with a 2.4L diesel engine that produces 147 hp and 343 Nm of torque. This engine is paired with a five-speed manual transmission. This model comes standard with a driver, front passenger, and knee airbag as standard. It also comes with ABS with EBD as standard. 

Toyota supplies this Cab & Chassis 4x2 MT variant for business owners who are looking to add their own bed or closed box to the back of the Hilux chassis. As a consumer option, however, we’d advise against this because it only has two seats. You also get a 2DIN infotainment system that only outputs to two speakers. This is as basic as it gets, but it gets way better. 

Toyota Hilux Badge

The J variant of the Hilux is complete with a cab and bed. At only P110,000 more, is a bed the only thing you get? Well, that’s not the only thing, you also get the rear bench along with another pair of doors. Most of the features stay the same between this model and the base cab and chassis. This model is the ‘real’ base variant of the Hilux since Toyota uses the J variant designation to make such a model. This model goes for P939,000, some thousands before the million-peso mark. 

Toyota Hilux rear bed

Toyota’s E variants often offer the best value for money in the lineup. This model presents itself as an option for those who want a car that’s not too expensive but will get the job done with reasonable creature comforts.  

There are two E variants, a 4x4 and 4x2 option that both come with manual transmissions. You still get steel wheels, but this time in a 17-inch size. This iteration gets Bluetooth connectivity, a feature that the J variant doesn’t have. Another notable difference that this model has over the lower trims is that the 2.4L engine gets a slight bump in torque. The diesel engine in this trim is capable of producing 400 Nm of torque, a notable improvement. 

These inclusions could justify the P91,000 increase over the J, bringing the price up to P1,030,000 for the 4x2 and P1,186,000 for the 4x4 variant. If you want a 4x4 system, you’ll have to fork over P156,000. 

Toyota Hilux Front

The majority of the Hilux’s models come from the G variant lineup. So far, we’ve covered only four models, but the G designation comprises of eight variants, all with different features and looks. So let’s start out with the most basic of all G variants, the 2.4G 4x2 MT. This model is the first one to get alloy wheels that come in a 17-inch size. Over the E, you get a 6.5-inch capacitive touch screen infotainment system with six speakers. You still get the manual transmission, but for P75,000 more, you can get the automatic variant of this model. This is the most basic variant to come with the six-speed automatic, and it starts at P1,279,000. 

If you want a 4x4 system to go along with your pickup, you will need to shell out a total of P1,506,000. For the six-speed automatic, you have to add a hefty P130,000 more which brings the price to P1,636,000. As hefty as it is, for about P200,000, you get an engine with bigger displacement and bigger power and torque figures. This variant of the Hilux produces 174 hp and 420 Nm, which is a significant increase over the smaller 2.4L engine. One notable difference that the G 4x4 AT model has over its MT counterpart is the inclusion of side and curtain airbags that protect the passengers from any impacts to the doors. 

Toyota Hilux Conquest

While the Hilux looks respectable in its own right, this family of variants just takes the cake. While based on the G variants, it shares close to the same features, but with notable exterior additions that elevate the looks of the truck to a whole new level. 

The Hilux in this trim gets a set of two-tone 18-inch wheels, that are complemented by a blacked-out grille, an OEM bed bar, as well as black accents around the body of the car. You also get a new bumper with more honeycomb patterning in the front air channels. You also get a Conquest decal at the back. 

This trim onwards receives rear parking sensors as well as a push-start system that allows drivers to keep the fob in their pockets while getting into the car. Also included are speed-sensing door locks that can only be found in Conquest trims. 

Toyota Hilux Conquest wheels

If you’re into the looks of this pickup, the most affordable variant will go for P1,352,000 for the 2.4 G DSL 4x2 MT. This variant will come with most of the items that the conquest trim comes with, save for two pairs of airbags. The AT variant will cost an extra P75,000, bringing the total to P1,427,000. 

If you want 4x4 capability and a bigger engine, add an extra P235,000 on top of the 4x2 Conquest variant to get into the 2.8 G DSL 4x4 MT trim. To get into the automatic variant of the 4x4 Conquest family, pay an extra P130,000. This brings the MT’s price to a total of P1,662,000, and the AT’s price to P1,792,000. 

We usually crown two winners, but in this case, perhaps an honorable mention is going to be needed because there are so many variants on offer from Toyota Motor Philippines. When we name a winner, both the 4x2 and 4x4 variant is included in the mention. 

So our 2nd runner up is the 2.4 E DSL MT. This model presents a good value for the money since it comes with the extra torque that you might need when hauling heavier items. The truck is already capable of 343 Nm, but 400 Nm is just better. If you want to spring for the 4x4 system, however, that optional, and considering that you only have the 2.4L is a little concerning, but other than that, it’s a good purchase for the value-oriented consumer. 

The 1st runner up is the 2.4 G 4x2 AT. It’s the most affordable automatic on offer in the lineup. It has enough features, but nothing too over-the-top. And at around P1,300,000, it’ll be able to help you in your day-to-day tasks without the need to row through gears. 

Toyota Hilux Conquest Rear Quarter

So our winner here, will undoubtedly go to the Conquest series? Of course. It looks good, but the 4x4’s price tag is making us a little weary. If you just add a P73,000 over the 2.4 G 4x2 AT variant, you get a better-looking package paired with speed-sensing door locks, parking sensors, and did we mention the exterior looks good? We did? We’ll say it twice for good measure. 

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