Will scraping the bottom of your car cause any severe damage?

One of the main reasons why crossovers, SUVs, and pickups have become a hit is because of their extra ground clearance. Now, aside from the improved visibility, that added ride height could also save you from unpredictable conditions such as floods and even urban obstacles like the speed bumps. Sedans and hatchbacks are prone to scrape, however. It’s a common yet bothersome occurrence for those who are driving low vehicles. Scraping the bottom of your car might make you freeze, cringe, and then panic wondering if you’ve severely damaged your car. 

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Despite the rise of crossovers, SUVs, and pickups in the market, many people are still buying sedans and hatchbacks. In order to properly set their consciousness, here are some of the possible damages that can be accumulated through scraping the bottom part of your car.

  • Minor Body Damage - Having the bottom portion of your bumper or side skirts scraped could possibly cause it to have some cosmetic damage that can increase the risk of corrosion which could then lead to worse cases and even expensive repairs.
  • Corrosion - The protective coating on the underside of your car could possibly be scraped off during the impact. This could then lead to a greater risk of corrosion which could grow over time.
  • Weakened Underbody Protection Panels and Plates - Your car’s underbody protection panels and plates could become weaker if it is hit often enough. Negatively speaking, this could drastically reduce the supposed protection if a more serious impact were to take place.
  • Front End Alignment - It could also affect your car’s wheel alignment which could affect the handling, decrease your gas mileage, and even cause excessive tire wear.
  • Suspension Damage - This is by far one of the most frustrating damages that you could ever get in hitting the bottom portion of your car. When you continually hit a curve at a high speed, your suspension system takes a beating. With that, this can prematurely wear the suspension bushings and shock absorbers. 
  • Driveshaft Damage - A single dent on your car’s driveshaft could affect its balance. What’s even worse is that it could cause the U-joints to fail. Also if something hits the underside of your transmission, you could put a hole in it causing it to leak oil, but that’s only reserved for very hard impacts. 
  • Fluid Leaks - Another major problem you could encounter after scraping the bottom of your car. The repeated impact could potentially damage the oil pan, differential housing, or transmission housing. The following parts actually store fluids, so there could be a possibility that leaks might occur once these components are damaged.

If you happen to have any of the following problems then it is best to consult your trusted repair shop in order to address the following damages immediately and avoid any further conflict in the future. 

Can in an angle

Moreover, you can actually avoid scraping the bottom of your car just by driving over a curb or speed bump at an angle. Many local motorists use this method especially those who had their cars lowered. It should be at an extremely low speed in order to safely get through the obstacle. It can be awkward at times, but it’s better to do it rather than risk the fragile bottom of your car. 

Remember, prevention is better than cure, so you better be careful and avoid scraping the lower part of your car. You don’t want to experience that bothersome moment over and over again.

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