Nissan Leaf

Early this week, Nissan released teaser images of the new LEAFthat’s scheduled to make its world debut in September. Now, while the Leaf is undergoing a sort of photosynthesis, the Japanese automaker announced that the all-electric hatchback will feature the ProPILOT Park technology.

The said technology allows the vehicle to park by itself – fully autonomous – through the help of sonars and cameras. This means that when the ProPILOT is engaged, the Leaf will guide the car into a parallel, angled, front or back into a parking spot.

The ProPILOT Park is just the tip of the iceberg when you talk about Nissan’s driver-assist technology. It falls under Nissan’s project called ProPILOT technology, which the automaker has been developing as part of its Intelligent Mobility program.

To give you an idea, the ProPILOT technology is comprised of 4 laser scanners that allows the vehicle to navigate. It also has an 8-way 360-degree view camera system that guides the car in intersections and other traffic situations.

Check out the video below to see how Nissan’s ProPILOT Park works.

NOTE: If this video isn't available on your mobile browser, watch it on Youtube.

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