The Mitsubishi ASX, a platform that is still being sold since its launch back in 2009, is getting a drastic redesign. Mitsubishi is going to give the model its debut at the Geneva Motor Show, happening in March 2019. 

Utilizing the ‘Dynamic Shield’ design language, the company designed its newest crossover with the words ‘impact and impulse’ as the guiding adjectives that define the ASX’s newest facelift.

The 2019 version shys away from its Lancer roots to sport a more form fitting and appropriate, Strada or Montero-like facia. Hard lines dominate the front bumper. Gone is the softer angularity of the previous model to make room for boxes upon boxes of ‘Dynamic Shield’. While the front end gets the majority of the redesign, the rear end still retains many of the old ASX's shape. The rear is now updated with LED bars in the tailights, and a new rear bumper with a silver diffuser has been added.

ASX Interior

Moving over to the interior, and the ASX sports the exact same layout of its previous incarnation. The gauge cluster is the same across most of Mitsubishi’s range with 2 dials flanking a central LCD display. The steering wheel is still similar if not exactly the same shape as the current generation Mirage. The headunit is updated and is capable of displaying other bits of information such as maps and tire pressure. The interior will be very familiar to current ASX owners. 

Pop the redesigned hood, and underneath the bedazzling new hunk of sheet metal is the same old song and dance that the ASX has been humming to car buyers 10 years ago. The previous generation’s 2.0 L MIVEC 4 cylinder engine is likely to carry over to the new rendition. The theme of same-old will carry over along with the transmission options, with a 5-speed Manual and a CVT automatic with 6-simulated gear ratios. 

Not everything in Mitsubishi’s 3rd facelift is skin deep. New features such as a stronger chassis and the addition of a Forward Collision Mitigation (FCM) braking system are great additions to Mitsubishi’s ever-reliable crossover Lancer platform. 

Hopefully, the new redesign makes its way to Philippine shores. With its handsome new appearance, the ASX will bring some Diamond Motors flair on Metro Manila roads. A worthy facelift, with familiar features from the previous generation, replaces the Lancer-like lineage of the last generation. 

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