Nissan 2020 Juke Prototype

The launch of the all-new Nissan Juke is fast approaching and the company isn’t done yet with the teasers for the vehicle. Nissan recently released three new photos of the 2020 Juke. This time, the teasers aren’t hidden in the shadows but show the actual 2020 Juke prototype’s photos. The catch here is the car is still hidden under a custom wrap, hiding the vehicle’s body lines well and doesn't quite reveal the entire look of the car.

Despite the wrap, the shape of the all-new 2020 Juke can still be seen. Some of its more aggressive styling cues can be seen through the wrap and hint at a more conventionally-styled Juke. This second-generation Juke has sleeker lines compared to its older generation counterpart. As the previous teasers have shown, it does have the Nissan V-motion grille that is seen in other vehicles in the Nissan lineup. The 2020 Juke still has its two-tiered light setup similar to the previous generation. The rear boomerang rear taillights are gone and replacing them are a more conventionally-styled set that doesn't wrap into the c-pillar of the vehicle. The rear of the 2020 Juke loses its more curved styling and replacing it is a more angular design. This moves away from the controversial and less-conventional styling of the previous generation.

Nissan also added a couple of new concrete details about the 2020 Juke along with the 3 teaser prototype photos. It is confirmed that the 2020 Juke will come with 19-inch wheels, as to which variant will actually get these wheels is still unknown but expect the top variant to receive these new big wheels. The 2020 Juke will also get Nissan’s ProPILOT technology which is designed for single lane traffic. This lets the vehicle to become semi-autonomous as the steering, braking, and acceleration will be handled by the car in fully automatic mode. This will take the stress away from the driver during heavy highway traffic and long commutes.

Nissan also says the Juke will have the latest technology and “fun to drive” performance. The launch of the 2020 Juke is set for September 3, 2019, something we’ll definitely keep an eye on.

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