2021 Toyota hilux

The internet has been abuzz lately with renderings and photos of the updated Toyota Hilux making the rounds. This time, however, more information has surfaced and it's from the Japanese automaker itself. Toyota has released a quick teaser video with Fernando Alonso with regards to him testing out the updated pickup truck. The two-time F1 champion together with his co-driver Marc Coma was given the chance to test out an early pre-production prototype of the Toyota Hilux.

The latest iteration of the Toyota Hilux now comes with a powerful 2.8-liter powertrain and new suspension geometry which will help continue the nameplate’s reputation of legendary quality, durability, and reliability. When asked about how the new pickup truck felt Alonso said the following:

The Hilux is an icon and I’ve always been a fan of this car. When I first saw the New Hilux, it looked spectacular. It was nice to test the new car in a difficult environment, on a rally stage, and to push it to the limits. The new 2.8-litre engine behaves really well and the new suspension feels great. Even if you push the Hilux to the limit, the comfort is still there. I think the New Hilux can be invincible.

Despite the new Toyota Hilux being covered in camouflage, a few key features can still be seen. First is the grille, it appears to be much wider than it was before coinciding with the leaked photos of the vehicle that appeared in May of 2020. 

2021 Toyota Hilux rendering

Next are the lights while most of the housing is covered; what can be seen is the new placement of the projectors, which again fits with the leaked photos. Aside from that the fog lights also appear to be new although it is hard to confirm due to how well the white camouflage can hide body lines in certain areas. One key feature to note is the supposedly new 2.8-liter engine. If this turns out to be the same engine we have now in the local Hilux it could mean that it could be receiving more power in the future. While specific details on the new pickup are still rare, only time will tell how the new Hilux will fare in the metal once that camouflage is taken off. 

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