Toyota GR Corolla

Toyota has been on a roll lately with its series of more performance-oriented vehicles, especially with the Toyota GR Yaris. While the small hot hatchback is only made in limited quantities,  it does have a bigger brother in the form of the Toyota GR Corolla. It was originally set to be a North American model only, however, it appears that Toyota may have changed its mind as reports have come in stating that the hot hatch version of the Corolla will be coming to Thailand next year.

First on the docket for its release outside of the American market will be Australia which will get a 500-unit allocation of the hot hatchback that will be sold alongside its smaller brother the GR Yaris which the country will be getting an additional allocation of 160 units. The GR Corolla models are set to arrive within the first quarter of 2023 with the GR Yaris models coming soon after.

In the ASEAN region, on the other hand, Thailand is set to launch the GR Corolla as well. The model will be part of the brand’s 60th anniversary in the country which will be capped off with a visit from Toyota President Akio Toyoda. Toyoda is set to arrive there in December and will personally launch the GR Corolla.

While there are no localized specifications for the GR Corolla for the Thailand market just yet we can expect it to come with the 1.6-liter turbocharged engine found in the GR Yaris which is good for around 304 hp and 370 Nm of torque. It will also only be available with a six-speed manual transmission which will be sending power to all four wheels.

For its pricing, reports have come in that it will be somewhere in the middle of the GR Yaris and the GR 86. However, if it were to enter the Philippine market, we can expect a hefty price tag for it putting it closer to the GR Supra.

Toyota Motor Philippines has yet to release any official statements concerning GR Corolla, however, if they were to release it locally we could expect it to come in limited numbers. 

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