Ford Mustang teaser

Ford has released a few image teasers of the upcoming 2024 Ford Mustang with the pony car set to make its debut on September 14, 2022. However, the Blue Oval brand isn’t done yet building hype for the muscle car as it has released another teaser for it, this time on Twitter.

Ford Mustang teaser

It's a quick video teaser that doesn’t reveal much in terms of imagery. However, if you listen to it closely you can hear a distinct engine note. The teaser showcases the possibly new V8 motor that the 2024 Mustang may have it. It has a muscular growl when revving and you can hear a bit of a pop when the driver gets off the throttle. At the end of the audio clip, you can even hear the sound of a bit tire squeal indicating that the audio may have been gotten from an acceleration run. If you listen even closer you can even hear the sound of the transmission doing its thing quickly shifting up a gear.

Now, that September is just around the corner, it's still a waiting game to see what Ford has in store for you when the pony car officially makes its debut. The Blue Oval has yet to release any new information about the vehicle, however, we suspect that it may release more teases in the coming weeks to further build up hype for the new Mustang.

Ford Philippines has yet to release any information about the upcoming Mustang, however, we suspect that they could also be bringing it into its local model lineup once it makes its debut in the ASEAN region. The Mustang has already proven itself to be a top seller for the Blue Oval brand locally as many examples of it are still driving around the streets today despite increasing prices at the pump. 

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