Honda Jazz RS

As nice as the Honda Jazz is right now, it has been a while since Honda has introduced an all-new model. The current crop of RS trims from Honda have us begging for more badges and blacked out grilles. It’s a good look for Honda in the Philippines, which makes us more excited for the next generation of the Jazz. 

Honda Motor CEO, Takahiro Hachigo announced in a statement that the company is looking to offer a two-motor hybrid system to the model. This drastic shift will apply to all models in the lineup. The Jazz’s next generation is set to debut at the Tokyo Motor Show later in the year, and a new powertrain system incorporating a hybrid system will be more compact to fit in the Jazz’s chassis. 

The Jazz, or Fit as it is known internationally, stands out as one of Honda’s most smartly designed subcompact cars. We have seen earlier versions of the brand’s hybrid system back in the time of the CR-Z. While innovative, we can’t wait to see if Honda decides to give the Philippines a hybrid version of the Jazz as seen in other countries. Considering that Honda already has another version of the Jazz with a hybrid system, it wouldn’t be a stretch for the brand to introduce a hybrid-electric vehicle since quite a few manufacturers such as Hyundai, Toyota, and Nissan are making preparations for the next wave of new vehicles for the era of EVs in the Philippines. 

2019 Honda Jazz RS color red front profile

We’re also excited as to how Honda will improve the look of the Jazz. It is already a handsome machine, as mentioned earlier, the RS trimmings are very enticing. The RS badge dominates the Honda lineup’s best offerings, and if the spy shots of the new Fit are an indication of what is to come, then believe us when we say we are excited to see what the company of VTEC will bring to the table in 2020.

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