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Have you seen today’s fuel prices? Crazy right? Motorists in the country are experiencing the highest fuel prices ever recorded in Philippine history. Due to international conflicts and a strain on the world’s fuel supply, topping up at the station gets much harder as the days roll by, but as prices soar, fuel companies are taking notice and doing something about it, at least in the case of Petron and Petro Gazz. 

On March 10, 2022, Petron launched its Slash and Save promo which essentially brings the fuel price down by P2 per liter for all of the brand’s fuels through the Petron Value Card. As such, this will include standard fuels like Xtra Advance Unleaded and Diesel MAX. Premium fuels like XCS, Blaze 100, and Turbo Diesel are also included in the discount promo. However, you have to be a Petron Value Cardholder in order to avail of this promotion and the points you earn will effectively be about P2 per liter, which will reflect in your Petron Value Card account about three days after you purchase your fuel at participating Petron stations. 

Petro Gazz March 10 to 13, 2022 fuel price adjustment

Meanwhile, Petro Gazz announced fuel price cuts for March 10 to 13, 2022. The price of diesel in Petro Gazz stations will go down by P5.85 per liter, while gasoline will receive a price adjustment of less than P3.60 per liter. That’s quite a big rollback and a huge sigh of relief for motorists that are consistent consumers of Petro Gazz products, or consumers that have yet to try. The reasoning for this is to mitigate the impact of rising fuel prices in the country. 

With fuel prices rising and about to hit the three-digit mark, motorists may need to take advantage of these incoming promos and rollbacks in order to keep their fuel costs down and their wallets from getting too thin. It’s good to see some effort from companies to make things easier for motorists. 

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