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Gas prices in the country are steadily rising, as it becomes harder and harder to get affordable gasoline, Filipinos are becoming more open to other options. With that said, we have created a list of underrated gas stations that you need to try out that may not only offer you more affordable gasoline compared to the big three main producers (Caltex, Shell, Petron) but may also offer you something unique as well.

As a bit of a disclaimer, the prices of these gas stations may vary from location to location and are still subject to change at any given time. What is priced lower in certain areas may also be priced higher in others, so take this list with a grain of salt as an alternative for those seeking to try new fuels out at affordable prices.

Unioil gas station

One of the better gasoline stations to go to if the prices of the big three are out of your league is Unioil. While their locations aren’t as widespread, they do offer the same if not similar quality fuels to the big gasoline market holders. Their facilities are also generally clean and well lit ensuring that you feel safe while you fuel up. When it comes to pricing, UniOil is on par with its competitors, however, if you do have an S&R membership card you can expect to see substantial discounts from around P3 to P5 per liter depending on the location and the type of fuel.

Sea Oil

Another underrated brand that you need to consider especially if you are looking for more affordable gasoline stations to go to is Sea Oil. The Petroleum company has several gas stations available nationwide with several offering unique payment options and or discounts for certain applications or for transportation services. The brand also partnered with STP, a company that is internationally known for its quality fuel additives. Pricing is typically on par with the big three gas companies in the country, but some areas have substantially lower pricing than others. Fuel quality is also great, so there is nothing to worry about if you want to try out Sea Oil.


Rephil is a Filipino gasoline company that is an independent fuel player that is engaged in wholesale trading of petroleum products. With that being said, this is why this gasoline company offers more affordable gas products compared to its competitors. The gasoline here is typically around P2 to P3 per liter less compared to the mainstream brands. Depending on the area, the price difference can also be greater. If you want to support local and get the best bank for your buck in terms of fuel, the Rephil should definitely be on your “to try” list. Just as a side note, the fuel quality of this gasoline station is on par with the rest of its competitors and you won’t encounter any problems with the fuel. 


Cleanfuel is a gasoline station you may end up seeing taxis go to often. There is a reason for it as the brand offers quality fuels at very competitive prices. Aside from this their facilities are well kept and designed well. The brand is also partnered with Motul, another company known for oils and other automotive fluids. Just like other petroleum stations, Cleanfuel also offers several discounts and promos that we think you should avail of if they are still running. One of these promos that we can recommend is getting a frequency stamp card or a VIP card that can help you get points when you gas up. These points can later be redeemed to get items and or discounts depending on what promo is available. 

Phoenix Petroleum

Phoenix Petroleum is one of the fastest-growing petroleum brands in the Philippines. They have stations popping every few months or so, widening their reach in the country. Just like the other gasoline stations you can expect to get quality fuels with this brand, while facilities vary from location to location, they are generally complete with the basics that are needed and are well kept. Phoenix also has running promos to help you save gas with its phone application and discount card. You can even buy fuel vouchers and get access to up to P2.50 per liter discounts on select fuels. With that being said, it's another good brand to try especially if you want to save every time you gas up.

Total gas station

Total is another global petroleum brand that wants to stake its claim in the Philippines, just like its other competitors, there is a substantial number of gasoline stations available for consumers to go to. Facilities are clean and some areas may even come with a servicing center attached. That being said, prices are typically on par with the bigger gas brands, but you get what you pay for in terms of quality. We highly recommend giving them a try if you want to test out new fuels with your vehicle.

Flying V gas station

If you want to try something from “the country’s biggest independent fuel company” then Flying V should definitely be on your list. They offer a wide range of quality fuels ranging from 91 to 95 octane, diesel, and more. They also have around 400 stations nationwide further increasing the chances of you encountering one. Aside from this their pricing is typically below that of the big three by about a peso or a few centavos. While this may not seem like a lot, it's still savings in your pocket and more fuel for your cash.

Petro Gaz

For this gas station, we noticed it to be one of the better options if you want to find cheap but quality fuel around Metro Manila and neighboring areas. Facilities are generally clean but are well lit and the gas prices are usually substantially lower than that of its mainstream competitors by about P2 to P5 per liter depending on the gas prices and location. If there is a Petro Gazz station near you, then we highly recommend giving it a try.

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