BMW diesel cancelled

In our opinion piece about diesel, we cited examples of how manufacturers have started to announce their plan to move away from diesel engines, and that trend has been on the map since last year. We also mentioned that the rest is expected to follow suit, sooner or later. Well, another car brand has bitten the dust – at least for its diesel-powered vehicles in one of the countries they sell the most.

BMW has confirmed with numerous automotive websites, such as Autoblog and Motor Authority, that it will stop selling diesel cars in the United States in favor of plugin hybrid electric vehicles (PHEV). This will start after the 2018 model year, which puts the relatively new BMW 5 Series on the ICU; only this time, it won’t make it until probably the first half of 2019.

The top-spec 5 Series, the 540d xDrive, has been a solid offering in the U.S. because of its powerful 3.0L inline-6 turbocharged diesel engine, which is the dialed-up version of the locally available 530d. The trend against diesel is creeping its way slowly to car manufacturers, with a lot of European brands has been on the dusk of offering diesel in their own market.

Now, with BMW importing the trend into the U.S. market, it’s unclear whether the Bavarian marque will continue its move globally, particularly in Asia where there’s a demand for diesel. In our country alone, diesel has been the top-choice for car buyers because of its lower price in the market and relative fuel-efficiency, which still roots from the fact that fuel prices are off the charts recently. If BMW decides to cut off on producing diesel models globally and consequently in the Philippines, will it affect the demand for BMW cars in the local market? More importantly, will the patrons of the blue and white emblem accept the PHEV versions of their favorite Bavarian cars?

Guess that’s a question to be answered when our speculation happens but one thing’s for sure: it won't be long until other manufacturers follow BMW’s move, especially its sister company, Mini, that uses the same power plant from Bavaria.

SourceAutoblogMotor Authority

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