2020 BMW 5 series 520i

SMC Asia Car Distributors Corp (SMAC), the official importer and distributor of BMW in the Philippines has announced that it has reopened its dealership network in the country. The German brand has also announced that it will also be rolling out new modified working hours and adjusted personnel in order to offer the best customer brand experience.

Select BMW dealers partners have already opened as early as May 16 to begin the disinfecting procedures in their dealerships. This was done so that these facilities could reopen quicker and start catering to guests. While these operational showrooms are already accepting guests the aftersales services such as vehicle maintenance and warranty work, must be scheduled with the brand’s official BMW Philippines Aftersales website.

To know more about the European brand’s operating showrooms and service centers across its local network you may visit BMW Philippine’s official Facebook page. It is important to note that some dealerships will be open from 7 am to 4 pm while others will be open from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm.

2020 BMW 5 series 520i rear

The BMW dealership network will now implement a comprehensive set of health and safety protocols that must be observed within the dealership premises and by facility personnel and guests. This is to ensure a safe, comfortable, and enjoyable experience for everyone automotive dealerships slowly adapt to the “new normal.” BMW dealerships will have the following rules and regulations applied to each of its facilities.

  1. A single entry and exit point will be designated at BMW dealerships

  2. Guests are required to wear facemasks at all times

  3. Guests must wash their hands at provided washbasins and utilize the footbath for disinfection

  4. Guests must undergo a temperature check upon arrival

  5. All guests must fill out a simple health questionnaire for contract tracing purposes

  6. The serving of coffee and snacks are suspended but bottled water may be requested

  7. Test drive opportunities remain available, the German brand will ensure that every vehicle is properly disinfected before and after use

  8. Expect dealership personnel to implement social distancing and the wearing of face masks and face shields with every interaction

  9. Frequently touched surfaces in each facility are sanitized every 2 hours

While we are excited to restart the BMW business, the safety of our team members is of paramount importance. We hope our guests can bear with us as we make your dealership experience as safe and enjoyable as they can possibly be. We enjoin everyone, from our own personnel to our valued guests, to do our part. In doing so, we can help bring the country a step closer to healing.

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