BMW E53 X5 buggy

Do you have a thirst for off-roading and ordinary SUVs bore you? If that's the case, you could've done the same thing as this guy if you have a BMW E53 X5 lying around in your garage. An E53, the great-great ancestor of the modern X5, was transformed into a rugged buggy...because dirt tracks are life.

Credits to BMWBlog for referencing Mad Max on this one, the buggy X5 really brings the theatrical film's vibe to life. It all started with a badly-beaten X5, which was almost ready to surrender its grace to the wrecking yard. Thanks to a bunch of geniuses, the Bimmer crossover was brought to life, not to a Pimp My Ride-level but something more of a big boy toy.

The guys chopped of the roof, widen its wheel arches, and installed a roll cage. They had to put spacers and raise its suspensions for those monster wheels. There was no information regarding modifications on its powertrain and engine so we could only admire it from the outside. Well, speaking of, the result is a furious Bimmer buggy that handles mud and dirt very well. Time for a facial mud masking, anyone? 

Given this concept, we wanted to know to what extent the E53 can handle modification. Will we be able to see a drag-strip-ready E53? How about an E53 limo? Well, enough with the imagination. This buggy E53 X5 made the Dakar-version E53 look ordinary, kind of like, "eat my dust, brother!"

Source: BMWBlog 

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