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The 2018 Toyota Rush is now in the Philippines and along with it comes a segment that targets those who want a meaner-looking family car. Call it an SUV or a bold-looking MPV, I think we can all agree that the looks of the Rush is a great improvement from the current small yet high-riding Avanza.

However, if you want to jack up the Rush’s appeal, there are accessories you can add to it that can heighten both its exterior and interior demeanor, utility, and functionality.

We had a chance to grab the list of accessories you can add to the Rush, including the price for each parts. What’s great about having a non-TRD variant is that you can choose what to add to the car, and what not to. If you have a limited budget or there are certain accessories that you don’t actually need, this should be a relief.

Disclaimer: These are the prices of the accessories during the launch of the 2018 Rush, and may be subject to price change without any prior notice.

To start with, official TRD parts are available, which includes front bumper garnish (P19,900), fog lamp cover (P10,800), side body molding (P10,600), emblem (P3,700), and rear bumper garnish (P18,100). Additional non-TRD accessories are also available such as chrome side garnish (P20,800) and back door chrome garnish (P11,000).

In total, if you want to make your Rush look sportier than what it is and get all these exterior accessories available, you will have to spend P94,900.

Basic accessories can be bought with the Rush as well. These include car cover (P3,200), sunshade (P1,000), muffler cutter (P2,200), and side visor (P3,900). Of course, you would want to take care of your brand new ride’s upholstery, so Toyota gives you the option to buy seat covers for your car. Corduroy and khaki seat covers for the E variants cost P1,800 and P1,600, respectively, while the G variant corduroy is at P2,400 and khaki is at P2,100.

Parts for utility can also be had, which are the short luggage tray for seven-seater G variant (P1,900) and its long version for the five-seater E variant (P3,200). Console box and spare tire covers are applicable to both variants and goes P12,700 and P7,300 each, respectively.

Here’s the complete table of available accessories available for the 2018 Toyota Rush:

2018 Toyota Rush TRD Philippines list

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