Car accessories

The point of having a car is to get you to your desired destination. But there are just some inevitable challenges that drivers usually face before arriving from point A to point B. And usually, even the smallest thing can become annoying.

We have already shared with you the list of useful car application that can guarantee hassle-free driving. This time, we’re back to give you a number of must-have car accessories and devices that might ease your driving concerns and keep your car on the go.

With numerous navigation app that can be downloaded in mobile phones, this accessory can be seen in most cars these days. It’s capable of holding mobile phones or tablets while driving. There’s no doubt that this simple plastic made a huge contribution in making driver’s life easier.  

bluetooth key finder

Who in the world haven’t forgotten where they placed their car keys ever in their whole life? Well, if you haven’t, I salute you. But if you’re one of those forgetful folks, a Bluetooth Key Finder got you covered. One example of this is the Tile Mate that helps you find items that you misplace by looping it on your keychains. You can connect this device to mobile phone and track down your keys by making it ring.

In case of a car accident, this camera records and automatically saves the actual footage. This can be a strong evidence to point who’s at fault and help you in getting your car fixed through insurance.

multi-port car charger

Can’t live without your gadget? The last thing you want to hear is the sound of your phone indicating that your phone’s battery is running low, right? Then, you should get a multi-port car charger to accommodate all your devices while on the road. Definitely a must.

Speaking of charger, it’s also good to have cable holders to avoid entangling of wires.  

blind spot mirrors

These days, blind spot monitoring system is already integrated in some new car models. This feature alerts the drivers when someone is in their blind spot. But if you don’t have it on your car, you may add blind spot mirrors, which can be attached on side mirrors. This fish eyeview lens may be small but never understimate it's purpose as blind spot mirrors provide better visibility that can save you from possible accidents.

Neck and back pain are undoubtedly unavoidable on long drives. Aside from the traditional lumbar support, you can also get a massage pillow to keep your lower back and neck muscles more at ease. Thanks to its massage rollers and heating function, long drives would be more bearable. Just make sure not to fall asleep, okay?

non-slip sticky gel pads

Dashboard isn’t actually a safe place for your important belongings, especially under circumstances where you suddenly have to step on the brake pedal. It might seem simple but non-slip sticky pads can prevent your things from sliding off the dashboard.

roof mount cargo box

Planning for a long vacation? A roof mount cargo box is what you need when the space inside your vehicle isn’t enough. It secures your equipment and can carry extra luggage, perfect for adventurous people.

pet seat cover

If you’re a person who loves to bring your pet for a stroll, you surely know the struggle of having their fur shed or doing their business inside the car. With waterproof seat cover it would be less bothersome to get pets on board. Our pets deserve to unwind, too. Just don’t forget to put by an air purifier as well. You don’t want your car to smell like your pet the next day, do you?

Cars are like a second home. And as a second home, you should also keep your stuff organized as it also says a lot about your personality. Aside from that, you can also add a car hanger at the back seat. A pleasant appearance can help you gain a good impression on social gatherings, so a creased outfit is a big no-no. That’s when a rack hanger will somehow save your image to the public eyes.  

If you’re suffering from a palmar hyperhidrosis or sweaty palms, gripping the steering wheel for a long time is such a trouble. Well, this steering wheel cover might be the best solution to your problem. It’s not just an accessory to give your steering wheel a new style but it also helps absorb sweat for better driving experience.

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