A car club that gives back, Avanza Club Pilipinas Inc.

The Avanza Club Pilipinas Inc. (ACP) will be celebrating their 10th anniversary in September. With this in mind, they recently kicked this off by gathering members at the Ecom Tower open parking lot in Mall of Asia, Pasay City.

ACP started in 2006 through a thread in a car forum. Later on, they held meetups and grew to more than 150 members. ACP President Wilfred Diel told us that the SEC registered group was established to give back to the community. In fact, they recently held a charity in Bulacan. 

The reason why there is Avanza Club Pilipinas is because of charity, That’s the main goal from the start. We have the money to spend on our cars so why not give back to the community.” said Diel.

When asked what are the advantages of joining the group, Diel exclaimed “a lot… one of which is friendship.”

There were moments where a member’s car would break down in the middle of a trip. Prompt assistance were given by the members who were near to the area. Diel also told us that they have 10 years of experience (at most) in fixing the Avanza and that there’s an 80% to 90% chance that they could fix the problem. “One sound from the engine and we already know what the problem is.” Diel said.

Customization is also supported via ACP Certified DIYer and Team Modified, a subgroup of customizers within the club who can give guidance on where, what, and how much an upgrade would be.

We also asked what are the advantages of owning an Avanza. According to Diel, it’s because of its seating capacity, performance and parts availability. 

The little brother of the Avanza, the Wigo via The Wigo Club Philippines (TWCP) also graced the event to support ACP’s upcoming 10th year anniversary. They too will be kicking off their first anniversary in July. The Samahang Innova ng Pilipinas (SIP) also expressed their support by attending the event. 

New or old Avanza owners are welcome to join the group. According to Vice President Roger A. Gonzales, you must attend an event and present all legal documents such as your car’s Official Receipt (O.R.) and Certificate of Registration (C.R.). There is a registration fee of P1,000. You will be getting freebies such as group’s stickers  and ID. Any excess will be used as funds to the charity. 

For the specifications, price, and features of the new Avanza, please refer to the AutoDeal Car Guide.

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