Castrol Magnatec

Castrol Philippines launched its latest Magnatec lubricants with its DualLock Technology. The lineup consists of three new oils specifically designed for car engines. 

The Castrol Magnatec lineup is now available in the market with different oil grades. The first of the three is the 10W-40 grade, designed for gasoline engines. The next oil grade out is the 10W-50 that’s more suited towards diesel engines. The final oil grade in the newly launched line up is the 5W-30 which is a fully synthetic oil designed to work on both gas and diesel engines.

We recognize the current congested traffic conditions drivers go through every day, and we know that our vehicles’ engines are put under constant stress. Because of this, we are more than excited to finally introduce a reinvented Castrol Magnatec with breakthrough DualLock technology, We have built on Castrol Magnatec’s success, and once again, introduce innovative products that work best according to the diverse needs of our customers, this is aligned with Castrol Magnatec’s promise of providing non stop protection from every start.

Traffic conditions are ever-worsening and commuting times are increasing, this puts a strain on an engine and its oil as it needs to stay on longer. The engine will be at idle longer and will have to go through the strain of acceleration and deceleration through stop and go traffic. Here is where Castrol’s DualLock Technology comes into play. It helps protect the engine on the molecular level. 

Castrol’s technology uses a pair of protective molecules to lock together to form a powerful shield layer on the engine components. The result of this is a 50 percent reduction in wear and tear from engine warm-up and stop-start operation, according to Castrol. This is good for those who have to journey each day through heavy traffic but want their vehicles to still be in top condition. 

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