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Kia Philippines laid out its plans for 2020, and the Korean brand has got some great things in store for the year considering that there is a lot of opportunity on the horizon. However, that doesn’t mean that Kia hasn’t been paying attention to its consumers and their needs. 

Maintaining a car costs money, and oil is a big proponent in car maintenance. Choosing the right oil keeps your car running smoothly and running well. With its partner, Total, the Kia brand is promising a more affordable oil change package in its dealerships for the year 2021. 

In a meeting with the media, where Kia Philippines shared its goals for the year 2020, the topic of aftersales services was brought up. Budget-conscious consumers don’t need to spend big to maintain their beloved cars. Kia Promises that the oil change package in their dealerships will cost up to 40% less with the use of Total Quartz 5000 mineral oil. According to Total, the engine oil can be used in modern gasoline engines with turbochargers, multi-valves, and direct injection systems. The product itself, as Total claims, is developed from the ground up to be used in newer vehicles. 

Synthetic oils or semi-synthetic oils tend to be a little expensive and can contribute a big bulk to the cost of a service. Semi-synthetics also cost a bit more, however, the most affordable type of motor oil out in the market today is mineral oil. 

Even with the change in oil type, Kia Philippines assures consumers that their cars will only need to visit the dealership’s service center every 6 months, or every 10,000 kilometers, whichever comes first. As stated in the meeting, Kia and their lubricant partner, Total, were able to test the mineral oil and can assure consumers that the lubricant lasts and retains consistent performance and protection until the next service. 

This new engine oil option will be offered alongside the synthetic oils that Kia Philippines puts in its cars so consumers looking for a little extra peace of mind can opt for the more expensive lubricants, however, Kia wishes to make returning to the service center less taxing thanks to this new option. 

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