Kia Sonet launches in the Philippines, offering great value and features for car buyers.

Finding the right car is a big deal, and Kia Philippines just made that choice a bit easier (or maybe harder) with their new offering, the Kia Sonet. Yes, it finally made it onto the Philippine streets.

Kia Philippines has expanded its lineup by introducing the Kia Sonet, a vehicle made to attract car buyers with its affordable starting price of P770,000, as reported by Visor PH. The not-so-expensive price tag makes the Sonet a strong competitor against other entry-level vehicles like the Changan CS15 and the Geely GX3 Pro, offering another tempting choice for those looking to purchase their car.


The Sonet is already popular in several global markets, and it brings to the Philippines a good combination of compact structure and efficient performance that should be popular, especially among families and individuals who often drive around the city. 


Brian Buendia, the COO of Kia Philippines, has mentioned that the Sonet is made to fit the preferences and needs of young car buyers and families.

“The Kia Sonet is one of the most popular models in Kia’s global lineup, and it promises to fulfill the needs of young individuals and families with its crossover credentials and rich feature set.”

While full local specs have not yet been released, if the Philippines receives similar configurations to those sold in India, prospective buyers can expect several engine options: a 1.2-liter gasoline engine with 82 horsepower and 115Nm of torque for basic needs, a more powerful 1.0-liter turbo gasoline engine producing 118 horsepower and 172Nm, and a 1.5-liter turbo diesel engine that offers 114 horsepower and a stronger 250Nm of torque for those who might need more pulling power.


Preorders for the Kia Sonet are open now at Kia dealerships throughout the Philippines, and the official launch is just around the corner next month.  In the meantime, take a moment to explore all the cars Kia has to offer right now, or ask for a quote on the car you've got your eye on.

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