Changan CS35 Plus

Safety should also be a top priority when buying or researching a new car. This holds especially true in the monsoon months when the roads can get slippery and dangerous with all the standing water. 

One car that stands above the rest with its safety technology is the Changan CS35 Plus which has a suite of above-class safety assist features that are rare to find in vehicles that are in its segment.

Changan CS35 plus

For starters, the CS35 Plus comes with Adaptive Cruise Control with a Stop & Go function. This allows you to lock in your desired speed (30 to 150km/h). It also automatically slows down or adjusts speed once the built-in radar in the front grille under the bumper detects an approaching vehicle.

Another important feature that the CS35 Plus has is its Autonomous Emergency Braking. It helps you by braking to avoid any probable accident. Once activated, the AEB works together with the Front Collision Warning (FCW) system which displays a visual warning on the digital instrument panel and sets off an alarm to tell you to hit the brakes when the vehicle senses danger or an impending accident up ahead.

A feature that you can trust in the Changan crossover and with any vehicle is the Electronic Stability Program. It detects any skidding and automatically applies the brakes to individual wheels to counter the loss of directional control and help maintain vehicle stability.

Great visibility whether it be at night or when raining is always a great feature to have. The Changan CS35 Plus does well to excel in this regard as it comes with LED head and tail lights that help make the vehicle visible even in low visibility conditions. On top of this, it also comes with LED daytime running lights and with an Emergency Brake Light feature that rapidly flashes the brake lights when the vehicle detects abrupt braking. This in turn warns the drivers at the rear that there is an emergency and that they are coming to an abrupt stop.

A handy feature to have when parking or when just maneuvering the car is an around view monitor and camera. This gives you a bigger field of view to know what's around your vehicle. It shows you areas of your car that your mirrors can’t reach or see. Aside from this, the Changan CS35 Plus also has an HD Driving Recorder which is a built-in dash cam that automatically records all of the sides captured by the around view camera. The videos recorded are saved on a micro SD card and can be viewed quickly through the crossover’s 10-inch infotainment system. 

A vehicle can have all the safety features in the world but if the body behind it isn’t strong enough to protect you from a crash then it negates all these features. The Changan CS35 Plus luckily boasts Ultra High Strength Body which is more durable and decay- and crash-resistant compared to its earlier incarnations. This creates a strong protective cocoon for you and your passengers.

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