EMotors Electric Shuttle

EMotors, Inc. (EMI) has announced its partnership with The Net Group (TNG) for lowering carbon footprint by providing pure electric vehicles as company shuttle services. The said shuttles, in form of electric tricycles, will be handed over to TNG’s staff and tenants at Bonifacio Global City (BGC) in Taguig.

EMI is a social enterprise that assembles 3-wheel electric vehicles for the local market, while TNG is known to be the country's largest green office building developer. Together, the two companies aim to promote the benefits of driving EMI's ZüM passenger e-shuttles. As a result, TNG will be the first company in BGC to use pure electric vehicles as shuttle services for its employees.

“We want to help alleviate the stress of commuting for TNG staff and our tenants even within a short range of radius with the free point-to- point ZÜM electric shuttle, one that also supports our corporate sustainability goals."

Meanwhile, EMI also looks forward on providing jobs for women drivers as part of its social objectives. The project will help tackle major social issues, namely women's welfare, livelihood creation, and environmental protection. In short, shuttles will be driven by mostly women drivers with less taxing earnings, and without harming the environment.

With bigger countries progressively conforming to full electrification – such as the announcement from France to go all-electric by 2050, more automakers are now pledging to take part in the global revolution. In July, Volvo announced to go fully-electric with its 2019 models, while a collaboration by Honda and Hitachi to produce better EV motors was initiated in February 2017.

The partnership by EMotors and The Net Group further adds to the growing initiative of the local automotive industry, in support to the global efforts in reducing carbon emission. Prior to this, Philippines hosted the 1st ASEAN EV and Hybrid Summit, which showcased the latest green tech on cars.

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