Last September, EMotors teamed up with the Net Group to provide electric vehicle (EV) shuttle service for its employees. Since then, EMotors is on a roll in promoting EV vehicle shuttles as the company added Globe Telecom’s GCash, Mynt, and the W Group to its list of partners.

The said partnership will provide point to point EV shuttle to Globe’s and W Group’s employees. EMotors added that employees of the partner companies can ride on their EV shuttle to and from their workplace, to a specific point.

This EV shuttle is considered as an employee benefit as well as the companies’ sustainability initiatives to lessen carbon footprint.

“The partnership serves as a great opportunity to showcase a benchmark where visionary leaders and the companies they lead play a key role in solving problems in an innovative and sustainable way.”

EMotors is a local manufacturer and assembler of electric 3-wheel vehicle, dubbed as ZüM. Aside from the companies mentioned, EMotors has partnered with PepsiCo, 2GO, Astoria Group, among others.

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