Netflix confirms Fastest Car Season 2

Love cars? Well, your thirst for car-packed TV shows is about to be quenched. Netflix is adding new original motor contents in its overflowing list of shows worth to watch. It will be consisted of three new exciting series, where two are both new titles. In addition, the online streaming website is also cooking something big all motorsport fans out there would surely be happy to hear.

Heads up to those who’ve been waiting for Fastest Car Season 2, you’re getting it—sad to say, not now—next year. This sleeper-vs-supercar competition show from Condé Nast Entertainment has been running since April 6, 2018 and is finally (and thankfully) announced to be getting its second season.

For those who haven’t watched it yet, this show features sleeper cars (modified cars that don’t look like they can sprint half a quarter mile) and supercars (worshipped by many for their intimidating aerodynamic, almost-flat exterior) on a drag strip. Come on, hot rods versus a 2016 Ford GT? An electric ‘70s sedan against a Lamborghini? What else is crazier than those? 

There will be seven episodes full of high-speed drag sprint and suspense. In each episode, you may witness three sleeper cars battle it out against one supercar in a quarter mile drag race. Production is set to begin later this year so calm your feet on the pedals. The next season will be about the races that lead up to the final showdown so we assume this would be more intense than the previous.

“Netflix drove full-speed into the genre of car culture and competition this year with the debut of Fastest Car, and audiences around the world connected with the compelling stories of these cars and the people who love them. Fueled by that response, we're partnering with best-in-class producers to expand our unscripted programming for motor enthusiasts and novices alike.”

Meanwhile, in the United States, there will be two new shows that are set to be enjoyed by American car lovers. Quite a bum, actually, as we don’t get to enjoy it the way they do. But, just in case you want to know, we’re including them here, too.

While Americans wait for the aforementioned show, they can watch this first; Netflix is proud to introduce the ‘Car Masters: Rust to Riches’ from MAK Pictures. Now, the title might say it clearly, this must be a restoration reality show where you see a bunch of old cars turned into money-on-wheels. Spoiler alert, that’s exactly it. 

Another title that’s closer to Fastest Car is the ‘Hyperdrive’ and we beg Netflix to air this one here, too. It’s about a high-stakes tournament which dares drivers from across the planet to brave out one of the largest automotive obstacle courses mankind has ever constructed. It would be a 10-episode series where you could drown yourself in. It’s currently being filmed and will come out in the US in 2019.  

Also, to be released in 2019 is the previously announced Netflix and Formula 1 team-up show. Get up-close to the life of F1’s key players, or should we say ‘the fastest drivers in the planet,’ as this is the first show that aims to fully immerse its viewers inside the cockpits of fastest cars in the world. The documentary-type show is blueprinted to have ten episodes and will be executive-produced by Academy-Award winner James Gay Rees of Senna and Paul Martin for Box to Box Films.

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