Toyota Car Collection La Union Museum

Filipinos love their Toyotas, whether it is a Vios, Wigo, Innova, Land Cruiser, or Alphard, little needs to be said about these cars and their reputations in the Philippines. The love for cars can extend far beyond the new and wonderful. 

For the true gearheads and car nuts, visiting car museums come with the territory. If you are a die-hard lover of a brand, or simply someone who loves the image and the models that certain marques produce, there’s likely a museum for you. However, the Philippines isn’t exactly a location that many brands flock to in order to put up a museum, instead opting for their own headquarters or their own home countries, naturally. 

Toyota Museum La Union

Car museums are few and far between, with one located here in the metro, while others are located in far-flung places like Davao City or even Pampanga. Now, however, we get to add one more museum to our list, but it’ll be located in Banauag, La Union. 

Talk about a trip, huh? However, what makes this museum special is that it is not an effort that was commissioned by Toyota Motor Philippines themselves, but by a savvy collector. His collection will be the basis for the museum’s pieces, and it’ll be the first and only Toyota museum in the country once it opens its doors. 

Toyota Museum La Union

The collection comprises quite a few historic models, such as the Corona, Corolla, Celica, Land Cruiser, AE86, 86, Sports 800, Supras, Celica Supras, and current GR models. 

While this is not a Toyota Motor Philippines effort, the owner of this extensive collection of cars belongs to the owner of Toyota La Union and his son. Richmon Glenn So and his son Rene O. So. 

Toyota Museum La Union

According to sources, the museum is about 90 percent complete, so we can expect the establishment to open its doors soon enough. Now, who is willing to take a trip to La Union? 

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